Tips for Sourcing Wholesale Salon Supplies for Your Beauty Salon

Tips for Sourcing Wholesale Salon Supplies for Your Beauty Salon

There are some areas in the field of business that are never likely to go out of customers. It won’t be audacious or naive to refer to them as an evergreen source of income. Something similar to event management, catering services, and hospitals are beauty salons. Like the rest of them, it is a center that isn’t ever going to experience a drought of customers.

Women and men don’t just show up on special occasions at these salons to appear more charming with some styling, but also regularly to maintain themselves. It helps them look more lively and fresh, and even tones down their age by a couple of years.

That makes it not just a matter of conscious choice, but also a necessity to appear as an acceptable member of civilized society. This necessity elevates the standard of a beauty salon from being just a grooming center to a transformation portal. That is why you can even find individuals asking beauticians for tips to attain otherworldly facial features.

Unfortunately, these poor desperate souls might forget that they are only human and can do so much for them. So you might not notice, but beauticians are equally puzzled about how to respond to a specific query adequately.

That must have helped in painting a picture that is good enough about the problems in a beautician’s life to feed your imagination. However, this isn’t the part where a salon owner’s problems begin.

Salons have to be an abysmal center of beauty supplies and equipment to serve its many customers. If you find a reliable source, you can expect to have a stable and sturdy supply of goods to entertain your customers. But to stumble upon a wholesaler so conveniently that offers you a complete range of products and equipment is near impossible.

That is why the biggest quest to conquer for a salon owner is to secure a wholesale supplier suiting their needs. After all, that is the stepping stone that they need to start. Luckily enough, the popularity of this business has resulted in some platforms offering a wide range of salon supplies wholesale online.

People struggling to start because of the inability of sourcing wholesale supplies can use these services to their advantage and start capitalizing till they find an alternative. Or, if they find the services to be satisfactory, they can seal the deal with them only. At least it will be an apparent end to all your worries.

If you are also someone struggling to secure a reasonable wholesale supplier, then here are some tips from SPA Fredericton to help you with it.

1. Offer Exclusivity

The biggest asset that any salon that can offer to its supplier is exclusivity. Promise to use supplier’s products in premium services and place offers and ads with the brand name to make it visible. Since it ensures a secure channel of income, the wholesalers are likely to be drawn to you.

 2. Dedicated Campaigns

Everyone wants to market their product, and the best way to go about it is to make sure that it gets to the relevant audience. As it turns out, salons are hubs of this relevant audience. Use this detail to your advantage and share the ideas of some dedicated marketing campaigns with wholesalers. It is likely to push one of them over to your side.

3. Loyalty Cards

Salon loyalty cards are a coveted item, and people love to have them because of their rewards. You can promise your sourcing suppliers to base the card credentials revolving around their brand. This way, everyone who becomes a loyal member, gets the message to use that product. Easy and effective!

4. Discount Coupons

Who doesn’t love discounts? Print a bunch targeting the supplier’s line of products and distribute them around to maximize the crowd visiting you. It will get you some great customers, a decent amount of service purchases, and might kill your need for sourcing wholesale salon supplies.

Beauty Salon

 5. Door To Door Services

Who doesn’t like their comfort zones to also serve as their grooming grounds? Start door-to-door services with supplier’s dedicated kits. No wholesaler can secure marketing of this sort unless they are running their salon. So you should be in the good books and expect the scales to tip in your balance while trying to strike a deal.

 6. Flash Sales

Occasional flash sales are the next big thing that is booming in the market industry. Use the next opportunity that you get to target your flash sale on the wholesaler’s line, making it more prominent and granting it maximum exposure possible. If done rightly, it will be hard not to notice your efforts and outcomes.

7. Video Demo Content

Another great idea to mesmerize any individual with a content marketing strategy is by displaying the product’s fascinating and desirable features. Record a demo video featuring your beautician skills and the results of the supplier’s products.

Social media is a giant that leaves no stone unturned. You can benefit from this and work towards achieving your ulterior motive.


These were several suggestions that you can use for sourcing wholesale salon supplies for your salon. Besides this, there are many other techniques and ideas available online that you can use to achieve this feat.

But as long as you don’t secure a source, you can rely on the online wholesalers to support your business.