Top 4 Technology Trends That Are Expected To Dominate 2018

We are now amazed at the pace with which technology is bombarding over the last few years period. We have done a lot more with technology in the past ten years than what was probably achieved over the 50 years before that. For example, you may see the power of technology in information area to retrieve any little information from millions of sources and precisely communicate in hundred different ways with the use of a portable gadget that fits your pocket.

It is not the end yet; there is always something cooking out there that we need to eagerly wait for and ready to get wondered about what marvels may rise at the horizon next. There were many unique technology trends in 2017 and moved on to 2018, let’s explore what may be out there to change the world.

1. Internet of Things

We hear about the Internet of Things (IoT) for quite some time now, which is supposed to change the way we live by getting interconnected with smart home technology. There are tons of appliances and applications out there in the market, but still, there are only very few solutions which connect all these to provide a seamless, unique user experience. This will undoubtedly change in 2018 as all the technology giants like Amazon, Apple, and Google are trying for some significant advancement in this sector.

2. Augmented reality and virtual reality

AR & VR got introduced a few years back but were at the infancy stage for long. Oculus Rift got released in 2016, and there were thousands of VR games and apps followed. The Pokémon Go, which is the world No.1 AR game, crossed more than 100 million downloads by now. To expect a lot more from it than simply gaming, the marketing is getting ready for the next-gen AR with some early-stage AR/VR daily life gadgets started to hit the market this year itself.

In the meantime, thinking of future technologies, one key aspect businesses need to think of is how it may help out in better administration of your business and finances. Debt management is one of the significant areas of concern in business management, and puts for many unique solutions regarding better debt management and relief.

3. Machine learning

As in case of AR and VR, machine learning is also taking a massive advancement through the last several years, especially in areas like helping the Google’s search engine algorithm, etc. However, to date, we have seen only a limited range of machine learning applications. Proving its capabilities and possibilities, we may expect a lot of machine learning updated in the coming year, by showing its influence from everyday consumer applications to large-scale business analytics.

4. Big data (personalized – humanized)

Big data is out there in the tip of everyone’s tongue for long as a buzzword linked to almost everything. The whole idea is about gathering a massive amount of data from every possible resource and analyzing it efficiently to help make better decisions. In 2018, significant data applications may be out there to help in everything ranging from better healthcare administration to executing mass marketing campaigns. Going a step ahead, in 2018, we may expect humanized big data, which may be capable of assessing more qualitative and empathized bits of data too to project it in a more accessible, realistic, and personalized way.

Even though we are on the verge of jumping over to 2018, it is still not the time to accurately predict what to expect as technology is changing every moment.