How To Frame A Dynamic Strategy On Instagram


Instagram is the social application that has been witnessing staggering growth. The platform is having a continuous rise in its user base since the day it was launched. Today, Instagram has as many as 1 billion monthly active users becoming the social media marketing hub. Instagram has gained inevitable importance in B2C marketing.

If a brand has to elevate its sales, then it must have a presence on Instagram. With a wiser strategy and complete dedication, one could skyrocket their business on Instagram. With services like Trollishly, you could skyrocket your social sales. Here, we put forth the measures that will help in framing a dynamic strategy.

Focus On Ephemeral Content:  

A study that was conducted recently has highlighted that, on average, Instagram users follow nearly ten brands. Instagram stories can be taken advantage of to make people remember your brand. Social media marketers have stated that a company’s social sales mostly rely on the way it utilizes the ephemeral content. These forms of content are shorter in duration and will be available only for a certain period.

Instagram stories is the best example of ephemeral content. Instagram stories have a 2x higher engagement rate than the standard posts. The first thing the majority of the users do after opening Instagram is checking the stories section. Eventually, the engagement rate of the stories section is higher over the standard posts.

You can take advantage of Instagram stories to let people know about new announcements about your brand.

You can also utilize Instagram stories to strengthen your bond with your followers. For instance, you can launch quizzes and polls on Instagram reels. Such moves will make people stick with your brand. So, take advantage of Instagram stories, which will help you elevate your social sales quickly.

Give Importance To User-Generated Content: 

User-Generated Content is the modern form of word-of-mouth marketing. Let us assume that you own a restaurant. You may have customers who are coming to your restaurant frequently, and some seem to be friendly and gentle. Approach them and ask them about their favorite dish from your restaurant. Ask them to take a snap of their favorite dish and post on their Instagram handle.

Maintain a gentle tone while asking your customers to do this because you are asking them a favor. Tell them to tag your official Instagram while posting on Instagram. Rather than posting it as a standard post, persuade them to post on their Instagram stories section. Because as said before, Instagram stories have a higher visibility rate than the usual posts.

Along with the snap, ask them to share some words about how they enjoyed your dish. Share their posts on your Instagram handle. This is one of the efficient tactics that help in building the credibility of your brand.

People who came across the post about your restaurant on your customer’s Instagram handle will most probably show interest in heading to your restaurant. This is the potential of user-generated content. Your product’s user will turn into a marketer and promote your product among his family members and people who are close to him.


The Efficiency Of Influencer Marketing: 

Influencer marketing is an efficient tactic that will help you maximize the conversion rate at a rapid pace. However, there are multiple aspects that have to be taken into concern while choosing the influencer for your brand.

Collaborating with the wrong influencer will only result in loss and won’t benefit in any way for your business. Instagram has a ton of influencers who are part of various niches.

Joining hands with the influencer in your niche will help you get in touch with the maximum number of your target audience. In such a manner, you could maximize your conversion rate in a short period and take your business to new levels.

Nike has recently introduced exclusive quarantine outfits. To promote these new outfits, it collaborated with @colormecourtney, one of the renowned famous fashion influencers on Instagram. The majority of the followers of Colormecourtney are fashion enthusiasts. So, through the influencers in the same niche, you can easily approach your target audience.

Thus, you don’t have to strive much to improve your conversion rate if you collaborate with the influencer in your niche. Moreover, ideating content for your brand will also be much easier.

Instagram Influencer Dashboard:

Instagram has rolled-out the Instagram Influencer dashboard, which will help brands accurate data about the influencers. To restrain people from using third-party applications and get cheated with false data, Instagram has introduced its exclusive dashboard.

It provides insights into the influencers, such as their approximate price for collaboration, their posts’ engagement rate, etc. The advent of this dashboard has cut down the time and effort required to find the right influencer. Decision making on choosing the appropriate influencer has been simplified with this dashboard as it provides comprehensive details about the influencers.

Wrapping Up: 

Instagram has introduced a new feature, Instagram reels, which is the exact duplication of TikTok. The feature holds the same characteristics as TikTok.

The launching of Instagram reels is anticipated to raise Instagram’s user base, thus improving this social platform’s stability. So, maintaining consistency on this social application will avail benefits for the long term.