How To Make Use Of Instagram To Market Your Brand

Do you want to expand your business? Do you want to promote your brand? Well, you can give a massive exposure to your brand if you start using social media network. You can easily manage to get a steady group of insta followers, provided that you market your brand to the target audience tactfully. For this, Instagram is the best possible platform.

With more than 400 millions of monthly users, you can always expect to get a good number of followers for your brand. With the passing time, more and more brands are interacting with the Instagram community to gain loyal customers and potential buyers. However, do not misunderstand that the number of followers is everything. Of course, it is important. However, at the same time, you should also care about the actual number of people who are using their Instagram accounts.

Instagrammers can also be termed as shoppers. Yes, not every Instagrammer is a shopper, but as per the recent study, it has been found that 70 percent of the Instagram users prefer to purchase the brand they like or follow insta. While the remaining percentage of IG users follow a brand because they simply like it.

It is essential that you post the right images related to your brand. You can ensure that customers will soak the marketing pictorial message without the need of any different sales pitches. Thus, decent pictures can serve as the magic spell, and they will appeal them enough to become potential buyers.

Shoppers prefer to check out popular social media status for references when they prefer to purchase a product. So, the moral is that Instagram platform help in converting passive shoppers into potential customers.

If you have just recently stepped into the world of Instagram, then no need to worry. In this post, you will get to know everything that is important for marketing your brand.

Opening An Optimized Business Instagram Account

Make sure that when you are going to use Instagram profile for your business (instagram for business), then it should be different from the one which you use for personal matters. It is essential to keep the fact in mind that marketing is just about the audience and not your self. So, avoid posting your pictures at very cost.

They are not related to your brand is also equally irrelevant for your customers. Try to avoid posting your pictures even if it is related to your brand because it is not professional. The brand’s IG page should include everything which is only related to the product or service.


Boosting the Website’s Traffic

It is essential to bring traffic to your site, and it is possible only when you make people aware of the presence of your site. With the Instagram platform, you have only single opportunity to link your site. You can use the link only in the section of your bio, which is placed right under your description and name. Here, you should give the direct link to the purchasing section of your site or any specifically targeted landing page.

Consistent Picture and Photo

If you are not able to fit together to reflect the actual identity of your brand, then all the Instagramming effort is of no use. So, the main key is to make your brand recognizable. It is advisable to select a name that is related to your business and also used in other social platform or social media channels.

Do not change the profile image again and again. This is because your engagement and interactions on the Instagram account will be followed by the small profile pic thumbnail. Make sure to upload something which s professional and recognizable. It is essential to get the maximum followers for Instagram to expand your business.


Hook the Followers With An Entertaining And Informative Bio

Basically, before any profile, we always prefer to browse through it. So, the very last thing that people would like to see before finally following you is the bio. Thus, it is essential to make it informative and catchy at all cost. You need to convince them about the value as well as the content you will add to the feeds. You can add a small, precise description of your business work as well as use the full company name.

Avoid the use of sales tone, keep it refreshing and light. This platform is entirely different from that of the online shopping stores or the social networking sites. You need to write a bio which can appeal the IG community where you want to reach as well as reflect the image tone you wish to share.

Hashtags and keywords will not matter much as when they are used in the bio section; they are not searchable at all. Make sure to include hashtags that people prefer to use while searching for the product you are selling. The bio can be changed anytime to promote your sale, latest campaign, and launch. Do not forget to add any link in the bio section.

We all know that pictures can reflect your message quickly and there is no need even to use a word. So, you can always take the customer-hooking benefit. The growing Instagram popularity has made it the best option for business promotion. In fact, as compared to any other social media platforms, you can manage to bag the maximum comments on your posts containing pictures instead of links or instagram text.

With the above points, we have just cleared a small part of Instagram marketing.  You can continue reading the updates to know more about marketing through this Instagram profile.