Four Stealth Tips While Hunting

Four Stealth Tips While Hunting

Stealth can cover a lot of hunting practices, and it can be difficult to achieve for rookie hunters. As you spend more time hunting, you’ll get the hang of it. But it’s important to know that even seasoned hunters can make a mistake or two, so don’t let it pressure you!

Remember that animals rely on their instincts. So, to be 100% stealthy in the wild, covering all your bases is imperative. 

Here are some ways you can be stealthier: 

1. Keep out of sight

People stick out like a sore thumb in the wild. It’s going to be easy for any animal to spot you if you don’t try to conceal yourself. 


Camo comes in different patterns depending on the terrain. The goal is to blend in and be completely invisible. So, choose camo patterns that go best with the area. High-contrast camo patterns are great for breaking up your human form.

If your face doesn’t blend into the terrain, you can use a hunting mask, which can also help reduce the sound of your breathing. There are all kinds of hunting face masks with varying designs and functions—click here to find out more.

Stay in the shadows

Staying in shaded areas is a great way to use the natural elements around you to your advantage, especially when you’re hunting deer. Deer usually have a hard time adjusting to darker areas since they’re used to the sun’s brightness. 

Move slowly

Quick movements can be a dead giveaway. Moving slowly will help you sneak up unnoticed. Deer quickly spots fast movements, but they’re blind to slow ones.

Enter before daylight

One doesn’t simply walk into prime areas. Before daylight, enter quietly. Some animals might be nocturnal, and they’ll be able to see you. But it’s OK to be spotted—just try to keep quiet and move stealthily. 

2. Cover your scent

Animals in the wild rely on scent tracking for survival. Most of them might depend on their sense of smell more than their sight, so take these following tips as seriously as possible. 

Scent killer sprays

There are all kinds of sprays for scent elimination in the market. These handy tools work at the molecular level to reduce human odor. While it’s impossible to completely stop replicated human scent, these sprays can make it undetectable or reduce it to a level that won’t trigger your prey’s flight instinct.

Take the time to check out reviews from other hunters before purchasing so you can make sure that it’s worth your buck. Use the scent spray on your clothes before heading out. Be sure to spray your boots, too!

Going to the toilet in the wild 

As much as possible, try to avoid going to the toilet when you’re in the wilderness. But when you have to go, you have to go! 

What you can do is find a boulder or a huge rock. Once you’ve moved it, do your business there and roll back the stone to its original position. But the best method is to dig a hole and bury your treasure. Make sure to pack a shovel! 

Washing your gear

Skip fragranced detergents. Washing your hunting clothes should be handled differently! Instead, use detergents with no UV brighteners or perfumes. Hang them, and use a scent killer spray once they’re dry. 

To prevent them from absorbing the odors in your home, seal them in an air-tight container or bag and only bring them out once you’re ready to start hunting.

3. Shhh!

The sounds of footsteps, breathing, coughing, sniffling, and sneezing are some of the things you need to keep down. Here are some great ways to keep it quiet:

Soft and thin soles

Footwear might be necessary for specific terrain. To conceal noise, use soft and thin-soled boots. If possible and safe, you can stalk your game just in your socks.

If you’re planning to stay put to wait for your prey, sweep away debris like fallen leaves or branches around the area. This will help prevent any unnecessary noises while when an animal approaches and you finally get to make your move.


Choose hunting clothes made from a soft fabric to avoid making noise while you move. Keep your garments tight as they might get snagged by the branches around you. Again, using a mask will be suitable for muffling your breathing.

Moving with nature

The wild isn’t noiseless so if you need to move, be in sync with the natural sounds around you.

4. No fire

Never build a fire if you’re hunting as it can be seen, heard, and smelled. A campfire is entirely unnatural. It’s equivalent to carrying being a big neon sign that a hunter is nearby!


Stealth is your number one weapon. Be completely untraceable in every sense. Smell, visibility, and sound are some of the things you need to conceal completely when going hunting.