Different Ways On How to Stop Boots From Squeaking


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Thankfully, there are many methods you can try in order stop the squeaking of your shoes or boots. Scroll down to find out the possible reasons behind this problem and how to stop boots from squeaking!

Items you will need

  •    Squeaky shoes or boots
  •    Super glue or contact cement
  •    Any sharp object such as knife or screwdriver
  •    Hair conditioner
  •    Baby powder, talcum powder, or cornstarch
  •    Laundry soap and water
  •    A clean washcloth
  •    Any shoe or boot lubricant
  •    Replacement Soles
  •    Shoe conditioner

How To Stop Boots From Squeaking

Step 1. Determine the cause.

Squeaky boots or shoes can be due to a variety of causes or conditions. In order to find the right solution, you must first discover what is causing the problem.

A few of the most common reasons behind squeaky shoes are:

  •    Wearing them on wet ground
  •    Two materials or parts rubbing against each other
  •    Laces that are too tight
  •    Trapped dirt, sand, soil, or rock particles causing friction
  •    A moist or wet sole
  •    A space or separation of materials in the sole
  •    Defective construction
  •    Improper insole lubrication or attachment
  •    A loose or improperly secured heel

In order to find where the squeaking is coming from, you can ask a friend to listen to your feet as you walk back and forth.

Step 2. Stop the boots from squeaking

Once you have pinpointed what causes the squeaking of your boots or shoes, there are various ways to fix it and solve the problem.

Many of these methods are pretty simple and only require things that you probably already have at home.Try doing these methods and following these tips:

  1. Soak your boots or shoes in a bucket of soapy water and use a washcloth to rub them clean. After that, leave them out to air dry for a few days.
  2. If you have located the squeaky area, lubricate it with some waterproof wax treatment, oil, shoe conditioner, or any other boot lubricant. Just make sure to use a lubricant that’s safe for the type of material. Carefully coat the exterior of the shoes with a thin layer of the product, paying attention to creases or patterns. If the squeaking is due to the laces and tongue rubbing together, applying shoe or leather conditioner or even saddle soap or oil might also do the trick. However, in both cases, you will probably need to reapply now and then.
  3. If the problem is caused by the tension or tightness of the laces, try loosening them up a bit. Tight shoelaces can cause loud sounds due to friction and tension.
  4. For squeaking caused by a wet or moist sole rubbing against the bottom of your shoes or boots, try replacing the sole.
  5. If rubbing of some parts of the soles is causing the squeaking noise, apply and rub some lubricant or shoe conditioner under and inside the soles of your shoes or boots. If you don’t have a lubricant or shoe conditioner, hair conditioner can work as well. Just apply a small amount on your hand and use this to coat a thin layer on your shoes’ soles. You can also reapply as you see fit. However, while this can effectively stop the squeaking, hair conditioner can make your shoes a little slippery especially when walking on wet surfaces.
  6. If your squeaky boots or shoes are brand new, try stretching them out with your hands. Aside from ensuring that any squeaking stops, this will also loosen them up a little to make it easier for your feet to break in.
  7. If upon examining the soles you discover that a portion is separated or loose, this can be the reason behind the squeaking. A quick fix for this using some super glue to attach the loose portion to the sole.
  8. To loosen up some space on the soles, take a sharp object like a screwdriver or a small knife to pierce three to four holes on the soles’ surface, making sure to only punch holes near the bottom and not all the way through.
  9. If the squeaking comes from inside the shoes or boots, lift up the inner soles and dust the space underneath it with some baby powder, talcum powder, or cornstarch. Leave the powder on overnight to set before removing any excess. You can also do this with the laces or anywhere else where there is friction. Aside from fixing the squeaking problem, this method also takes care of sweat, moisture, and bad odors. Reapply the powder as necessary or in case the squeaking comes back.

If none of these methods or tricks work, take your shoes to a shoe repair shop.

If your shoes are new, you can maybe still return them to the manufacturer since the squeaking is likely due to a factory defect. You can also take your shoes to the store where you bought them and consult your problem to the staff.

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Also, make sure to only purchase from trusted brands and manufacturers.

Also, as with any piece of garment or equipment, regular cleaning and maintenance of your boots are very important. Make sure to clean and dry them thoroughly after using them outside.

This may require a lot of effort and time but will dramatically prolong the life and improve the performance of your boots.


Squeaky shoes or boots can be a big nuisance and can significantly reduce your chances of staying unnoticed while hunting.

Fortunately, following the mentioned tips and tricks might help you solve the problem using only things you can find at home and without paying too much for repairs.