Dating a Jewish Woman in 2020

Dating, in some form, has existed since the creation of man. It is clear to you that things changed throughout history, and it seems lately that these changes are happening faster than ever. Dating rules are literally varying from year to year. Technology and the Internet, which play an integral part in our lives, are affecting those changes largely.

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In order to make a successful connection with someone, people most often seek people of similar interest, worldview, education, and even from the same tribe. A Jewish man will usually look to spend the rest of his life with a Jewish woman; not because the environment imposes it, but because they have more things in common.

Where to Look for a Jewish Lady


Modern Jewish women have much more freedom than their ancestors. But these ladies will adhere to some values matter what. They are first and foremost loyal to their religion, then to family and husband. These women highly value the marriage community and their partner, but that doesn’t mean they will hurry up with the wedding.

If these are the things that attract you, consider introducing a girl from the Jewish community. Your meeting can happen by coincidence, or you can go to places where these girls go on purpose. For example, as Jewish people have many holidays, you can visit some of the many celebrations and look for single ladies.

Don’t Neglect the Impact of Online Dating

But if you don’t believe in chance, or you don’t have a gut to make the first move, you can try your luck on online dating platforms. You can register either on some general websites either on Jew-related platforms popular among younger members of the community.

Women in the Jewish community are working on their education and careers in order to become independent. If they were once subordinated to husband and family, today, the rule does not apply. That’s why they often don’t have time for love life, and they turn to the Internet and everything it has to offer.

Specialized Jewish dating sites undoubtedly offer a wide selection of potential partners. These websites are not strictly targeted only at members of this social group. It is up to you to take the first step or to create a profile that will be interesting enough for some lady to take the first step.

Meeting a Family Is a Must

Jews are big on their families and traditions. If you are planning a relationship with a Jewish girl, be prepared to meet her mom even before you meet your future girlfriend better. So you can freely count on a family dinner after two meetings.

This bond of Jewish women with their families is something that won’t change ever. But think of that as a good ice breaker. If you charm her mom (and sister, and aunt, and grandmother), you have made an enormous step.

You don’t have to worry that getting to know her family will create some pressure to make your relationship official. If things go well in the future, the wedding will eventually happen. That will be a joint decision of you and your girl, not the influence of the environment.

Become a Chef

If you really want to impress your Jewish girl, learn to cook. These don’t have to be complicated dishes and delicacies like from the finest restaurants. Some simple meals, like ball soup or potato kugel, will knock her off her feet. It may not taste as good as her mom was preparing for the holidays, but she’ll know to appreciate your efforts.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Today’s girls are much more ‘demanding’ for dating than they were decades ago. Men generally need to be creative, adventurous, and ready for new experiences. It is still possible to find a gentle lady who enjoys a romantic walk and is delighted with the bouquet of freshly picked flowers. But it’s a better chance to run onto the right one if you broaden your horizons.

Don’t be surprised if your Jew crush sets up a date on a race track or volunteering evening. So be prepared to think out of the box and try some new things. So what if you’re not in shape? Maybe those few miles run will be worth it when you realize you’ve found a soulmate.

Be Friendly and a Good Listener


This advice can be applied to all women, not just members of the Jewish community. Although it can be tiring at times, listen to your sweetheart as she recollects memories from camp or a vacation from a few years ago. See here to learn why this feature will make you more attractive.

Also, your girlfriend probably knows way more people than you. The Jewish community has many members, and they often meet at celebrations, in synagogues, or at various charity dinners. And no, these are not forced friendships – they are actually quite close relations. So close that you’ll probably wonder, how can anyone have so many friends?

Members of the Jewish community are attached to each other. They are particularly aware of the need for intermarriage (marriage between members of the same social group) for the entire community to survive. Regardless of that, Jews are a nation that is open to other cultures; they will gladly welcome everyone into their community.