7 Beauty Tips for Gorgeous Skin and Hair

Having great hair and skin is something that we all aspire to but that we may not have the best of luck with. There are a few tips and tricks however that you can use to get the best hair and skin of your life with little work and tons of great results.

1. Don’t Over Wash

Though it may be tempting to wash your face every day and to wash your hair when the slightest bit of oil pops up, this is a big no-no. Overwashing is a super fast way to strip your hair and skin of natural oils that help to keep them supple and looking great.

Try washing your hair every three or four days and use something like a dry shampoo between washes. Wash your face no more than once a day to help preserve natural oils and use gentle cleansers.

2. Moisturize

Another great tip is to add back as much moisture as possible. Add a hydrating hair mask to your routine once a week to replenish oils and to get it soft and looking great. For skin, moisturize at least once a day and add a bit of extra lotion or serum when you wash to help keep your skin hydrated.

3. Hands Off

One huge mistake that people make is to touch their face and hair overly much. This can deposit bacteria onto your face and can help cause excess oils in the hair.

If you have the need to touch your face wash your hands first to remove any excess bacteria and oil and if you need to touch your hairdo so sparingly.

4. Supplements

This is a great way to easily start to replenish your hair. Supplements like niacin help to encourage hair growth and help to preserve natural hair texture. Biotin is another great fatty acid that helps to promote hair growth and helps to make your hair look and feel great.

You can either take tablet or capsule form supplements or opt for serums that are deposited directly onto the skin or hair to help replenish moisture and leave your skin and hair feeling great.

5. Avoid Processing

Things like facials and hair treatments may seem like a great idea but overworking your skin or hair can make it less than stunning. If you get a facial or decide to do a hair treatment it is best to take the time to really look at what you are doing and to work on making sure you are going to add only good ingredients to your skin and hair.

If you do get facials, try to limit them to once a month so that you can let your skin have time to recover between treatments. Similarly, if you get things like shine treatments or chemical straightening try to limit these treatments so that your hair can restore itself.

6. Take care of our scalp

Take care of your scalp
A great tip for healthier hair is to make sure your scalp is healthy. A healthy scalp is a basis for healthy hair. Make sure your scalp is moisturized, flake-free, and that it is not overstressed.

A well-moisturized scalp is going to allow for hair to grow and to have the fats and oils that it needs to build strong roots which are essential for healthy hair overall.

You want to make sure that if you do have something like dandruff that you use a product that is going to be safe enough and gentle enough to keep the root safe and to keep the shaft safe as well.

7. Watch What You Use

We all use things like makeup, lotions, sunscreens, soaps and more that are less than beneficial for our skin. It is important to keep the ingredient list in mind when you reach for any product.

Look for things like silicone, simethicone, and parabens that can clog pores and cause more trouble than they help. You should also beware of how products interact with one another.

Acids are great natural exfoliants but they also should be followed up with sunscreen if you are going out to help protect the skin and keep it looking great and feeling great.

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