Use Of Focus Keyword Alongside Other Tactics To Work On WordPress SEO Strategies Of 2020

Whenever the matter involves WordPress SEO, it is vital to remember that Google has a major computer algorithm. This is why, even in 2019, the use of keywords matters a lot. You should write for the visitors and then customers as recommended by Google but make sure to create content smartly.

If you want, you can write to the audience and try to keep the best SEO based optimization in mind. Moreover, you should remember that some of the other search engines like Yahoo and Bing will always rely sometimes more on what others might state as outdated SEO practices.

The importance of keyword-focused WordPress SEO practices:

Whenever you are writing a blog post or even post any page on the WP site, you can also have focus keywords in mind.

  • Avoid posting a post just for the sake of pushing out some more content. You can go some more into keyword research to understand its notes well.
  • Using the present Yoast SEO plugin can help you to set the focus keywords that you are actually planning to write about.
  • You will come to realize that the Yoast SEO will mainly be going to analyze the keyword density and it is reported to have a low for the posts.
  • Most of the time, it is around 0.5% or even more as the good and proper amount you should aim for. You can figure out one way to include the keywords some more times and naturally within the content.

Once you start working on the keyword centric options, you will come to realize its importance even more. Make sure to get some clear ideas from for some impeccable results in here.

The idea behind introducing title tags:

It is vital for you to have the main focus keyword handy, which you want to rank for the blog posts or even the page title tag. Some SEO experts might further recommend you place keywords right at beginning of the title if possible as that might give some more weight in the search engines.

  • Always placing the keyword at the starting point of the title might not work but if you can, it can gladly offer that little boost you have always asked for.
  • If you want, you can manually set one title tag within the Yoast SEO plugin. Log online to learn a bit more about it.
  • Always remember that Google might have a viewable limit of around 65 characters so that if you go over it, it might not appear.
  • These options are mainly limited by pixels at this point. But, when it comes to Yoast SEO, it will use characters of the close approximation.
  • Also understand and remember that title tags will not just affect the SEO but will work on the click-through or CTA rate as well.
  • Some people have further reported that around 20% of increment can be seen in CTR by making some of the smaller tweaks to titles.
  • Trying to split tests and A/B testing your chosen titles can be one effective way for you to improve the CTR. this section in return helps Google to see content to be more relevant.
  • There are multiple WP plugins available like Nelio AB testing and even Title Experiments, which can gladly be used to help you run your own tests.
  • Now, the main question revolves around the use of company names at the end of the title tag. This step will not hurt much but you should know if you are taking full advantage of the space or not.

Trying to have the company name might not always be the best decision for you to make in terms of increasing the CTR or relevance to the said content.

The meta description can be widely used for increasing CTR:

It has been found out that Meta description does not have any effect on WP SEO, especially when the matter involves around ranking. But, the Meta description has its share of effect on CTR, as well.

  • A proficiently created Meta description can always entice users to click right on the post in place of anyone above or below in SERPs.
  • It has also been said that the higher CTR you have, the more relevant Google might deem the data. It will help them rank a lot higher.
  • So, in a broader sense, it can be stated that Meta descriptions will easily affect your rankings, but not quite in any traditional sense.
  • If you want, you can easily set the Meta description manually by presenting it through the Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Previously, the character limit was noted within 156 characters. Later, Google updated that character count on December 2017 to 320 characters. Later, the change has been reverted back to its original 150 to 170 characters. Anything over this mark can be stated as not visible in SERPs.
  • These characters are primarily limited by the use of pixels now. However, you will find Yoast using such characters which is within the close approximation.
  • Moreover, it is rather good for you to include the focused keyword within the Meta description as Google tends to highlight the search term well in bold.
  • For example, you are searching for the term “dental” in your local search. A dental unit has this term in the Meta description and so Google ends up bolding that keyword as it is relevant to the term you are searching.
  • So, by just adding the focus keywords in Meta description, you can get your brand to stand out a little more in the crowd.
  • But, you must remember that Google can rewrite some of the Meta descriptions automatically. So, what your input has been might not be what showed up in SERPs always.

You can log online to check out some informative videos on ways to increase CTR using Meta descriptions. You can do all of that by using some words that appeared in competing AdWords text. You can even use the “power words” to help you out a lot in this stage.