Why Is It Difficult To Communicate With Some People?

No matter how good you are at rolling your tongue, you must have come across people who are just difficult to communicate to.

Yes, people who aren’t easy to convince, listen to anything, those that will always twist your message or those that no matter how clear the instructions are, they will always screw things up.

But why is it that some people are difficult to communicate with?

In this article, you’re going to learn the reasons why some people are difficult to communicate with.

You will also learn some practical tips to help you communicate with all people both the difficult and the easy ones.Being kind can also help to make conversation smooth.

If you’re a salesperson, take note of everything you will learn here as it will help you pass your messages to everyone.

Sounds good?

Alright, let’s see why certain people are difficult to communicate with.

1.   Lack of focus and attention

The easy accessibility of information is good on one hand and bad on the other.

Why is it so?

From written articles to podcasts and videos, it’s easy for certain people to suffer information overload.

Think about how many emails and notifications you get on social media per day. All these scenarios can make certain people lose focused attention no matter how hard they try to listen to you or to another which ultimately makes them difficult to communicate with.

2.   They want to hear or read what they need

Have you ever talked to someone only to come and learn that they went ahead and twisted the message when speaking with other people?

You see, some people get into a conversation to pursue their own agendas which is exactly normal for anyone; however, this can result in twisting of information to suit what one wants to hear.

According to Jonathan Leeman, a psychologist at Essay Writing Lab, a cheap assignment writing service UK company, some people will pay attention to certain conversations to get what they want and these are the same people who can manipulate information to make it meet their needs.

3.   They are suspicious

You must have come across people who interpret what you say to them to be something bad.

These are people who will take you before the state law courts claiming that you threatened them or you insulted them.

Usually, such people have low confidence and this makes it difficult for you to communicate with them.

4.   Sometimes it’s you and not them

Part of the reasons why some people are difficult to communicate with could be you and not them.

Yes, you heard that well.

How possible could it be that everyone you come across isn’t easy to communicate with? This shows that you’re the problem and not them.

Accepting that you’re the problem isn’t easy but it could help you to know how to make yourself understandable to other people.

And who knows, perhaps it’s the communication channel or the language you’re using.

When you find that everyone in the world is difficult to communicate with then take your time to learn people better so you can understand their bearings or improve your communication style.

It’s easy to change yourself than to change other people after all.

5.   They feel that you’re unimportant or weak

These are the fox that will filter out what you say even before you finish talking; and sometimes some of them are your close friends.

This is caused by various reasons. If you’re a leader some people will think you’re weak or they are just there to figure out who is important and who isn’t.

These could be those friends who will leave you the minute a better person comes in or your supervisor or people in other departments.

Now that you know why certain people are hard to communicate with, what can you do to make them easy to talk to?

How to Make it Easy to Communicate With People

Be kind

It’s is common for people to think that when someone is difficult to communicate with, you should be difficult as well. Or, when you feel like they are attacking you then you find ways to defend yourself. However, this may do more harm than good because in the end, you’ll all become difficult with each other and this means that nothing will happen but altercations.

Being kind at such a time could help to help you deal with people who are difficult to communicate with.

Show compassion

It’s never easy to understand what others are going through unless they open up their hearts or tell you about it.

Sometimes some people could be difficult to communicate with because they are going through frustrations of some kind in life.

Being compassionate to them could change things up and make them listen and pay attention to what you say.

Build a connection

If you find that the person you are communicating with is difficult, find something in common.

People love to feel like being part of a group.

Let’s say, for instance, you’re wealthy and you’re communicating with a financially-challenged people. Sometimes it might be difficult to convince them on anything.

The best way is to find something you share.

You might have been brought up from a poor family. Start that your conversation letting them know that you were brought up in the slums and that your mother used to wash clothes for other people for you to get school fees. This will help to create a smooth conversation and attract their attention.

Have you ever encountered a difficult person to communicate with? How do you go about making the conversation smooth or making them pay attention to you?

Let’s hear that in the comment section.

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Bill Genes is a professional blogger who also offers college paper writing services in the USA, Florida. Bill enjoys reading and writing about communication and has helped many organizations to enhance their communication with employees and other stakeholders.