What you need to know before going Scuba Diving in Oahu, Hawaii

Are you tempted to go on a diving trip? Read our guide, learn how to plan and find out what to expect from your best scuba diving Tour Co. Oahu.

Countless are the reasons why you can dive when traveling – maybe you have an artistic interest in the wildlife of the planet, perhaps you can not find a challenge in anything that surrounds you, or you might have to defeat specific fears. Whatever the reason, a few things you need to know before you go there, and this will be our guide to scuba diving for beginners.

First, moisten the tip of your legs … as they say

Start with the beginning: Make your subscription to the city basin and do not let a week pass without going there.

We do not know what you’ve imagined so far about diving, but above all, it’s imperative not to be scared of two or three drops of water. If you enroll in a scuba diving course (usually known under the acronym PADI – Open Water Scuba Driver), you will see that you have to be able to “water” for 10 minutes and swim a minimum of 200 meters without a break.

If you do not embrace the certainty that you will deal with these two in the middle of the ocean, start at the pool near the house. Put yourself on the job and make sure you know what to do to survive for at least 10 minutes in the middle of the Atlantic. See more here.

Learn to swim with your eyes open…

… and while you’re getting more comfortable with the water, try slowly to swim under it with your eyes open. Some so many people have never tried it, and there is no real reason for it. It does not bite; it does not sting or puncture. Bass, you can see much more clearly than you think. However, the scuba diving course will force you to sit underwater for 1 minute without a mask, and you will still have to swim without it.

The wisest is that before you can book your flights for a diving vacation, contact a local diving center nearby. You buy a trial session, it takes a few hours, and you have all the chances to learn some theory and some tricks to smooth your way to the ultimate goal: swim in tandem with exotic fish.

Choose a destination

Do you have a fantasy, going underwater, side by side with the turtles? Nothing more romantic, but make sure you choose the right destination

Imagining that what you want from the whole story is to make your diving better, somewhere on a beach other than the Black Sea, find out countless factors are entering the equation. Currents, visibility and water temperature are only a few, and choosing the perfect place will save you a ton of stress.

For example, diving in Greece during the summer is blessed by a stream of water, a 30m + visibility and a beautiful 27 degrees. All this makes Greece a dream for beginners, compared to the UK, for example, where the sea currents are at their home, the visibility does not drop 5 meters and the water temperature … let’s say you do not expect the vegetables to boil in it.

Another point to be neglected: you may want to see things while you are underwater, and here we refer to the various species and habitats they inhabit. So, if the turtles were your high school passion, choose a destination they inhabit abundantly.

Find a diving center

The safest way to choose your diving center is to have patience, to seduce you in some research and to get your hands on reading the reviews. There are plenty of excellent online forums, filled with benevolent people who have left tips gathered from their own experiences. Another good place for beginners is the Facebook Girls That Scuba page, where experienced divers respond with heartfelt questions to the most unskilled ones.

Additional info: https://rushkult.com/eng/scubamagazine/what-is-scuba-diving/

Share your time wisely

If you’ve just decided on a diving center and you’re determined to have a great PADI course, learn that you have a few options to structure your course: you can do it all the way, head-to-head during your vacation.