Weighing Up Your Vacation Rental Options

So it’s time to kick back and relax, you’ve made the decision that you need some time away from the office to recharge tired batteries.

Being a savvy vacationer you have decided that the best value for money option is to rent your accommodation, that way you’re free to really relax, without having to abide by the numerous rules and regulations that are part and parcel of staying at a hotel.

So what exactly are your options and how do you decide which vacation rental is right for you.


You first need to decide on a budget for your vacation. If you’re happy with no frills and cooking on barbeque with your own store bought ingredients then you have numerous choices.

If you’d like to go for a more upmarket option then you will also have a wide choice of the sort of accommodation that would suit your lifestyle.

The key is to budget carefully. Once you have your price bracket in mind then you can move on to your next step, finding the right style of accommodation.

The Type of accommodation:

Consider your needs extremely carefully and factor in the attractions of the area and the amenities that are close by. If you have young children will they have enough to do and enough space to allow you the peace and quiet that you need to really unwind?

There are a few favorite types of accommodation that are among the most popular for vacationers, the first of these is the apartment.

Vacation apartments:

If you’re single, or even a couple and want to spend the most of your time outdoors than an apartment is ideal. There are a variety of different styles of apartment that will suit your individual needs, from the snug to the spacious. Make sure that it suits your family.

A house:

If you’d like to have some privacy, but still enjoy the outdoors then renting a vacation home might be the ideal choice. If you’re travelling with a large group of friends or family then a house would be the perfect choice.

This option is obviously more expensive than apartment rental, but if you’re sharing the costs it can still offer great value for money.

Booking your accommodation:

You basically have two choices when it comes to booking your accommodation for your upcoming vacation. The first option is to use a booking agent. This is a great option if you’re familiar with the area and know exactly what you’re looking for.

A booking agent will also offer you that personal touch to ensure that your accommodation is an exact fit with your requirements.

Listings of booking agents can be found both online or through using a reputable travel agent who will be able to point you in the right direction.