All You Need To Know About Using Glycerin for Hair Growth

how does glycerin work for hair


Glycerin, natural humectants, is used in many body products for aesthetics. It helps in promoting healthy fast-growing hair.

  • Healthy Hair: Glycerin smoothens and softens the hair as it attracts moisture. It stops hair from becoming dry, frizzy, untidy or removing from its position. When used excessively, it makes hair looks polish and greasy.
  • Hair Growth: Glycerin helps with the rapid growth of healthy hair. It enhances the growth of hair in a short period of time.


Glycerin is an alcoholic, colorless, odorless, soluble and insoluble viscous liquid with sweet and warm taste. It is toxic free. Its chemical name is glycerol and 1, 2, 3 propanetriol. Glycerin is trihydroxy sugar alcohols whose effects are laxative and localized osmotic diuretic.  It can be extracted from natural sources like plant and animal from which triglycerides can be obtained.

Glycerin is a transparent thick liquid that can flow in water and in alcohol which makes it soluble; however, it is insoluble in fixed and volatile oils. Glycerin works perfectly for the skin as a moisturizer as it helps in the repair and regeneration of skin cells. Glycerin appears in many hair and skin care products.

benefits of glycerin for hair


Glycerin can be utilized for the achievement of different effects. Its chemical features have already shown that it can be useful for different cosmetic products for hair treatment purposes.

Moisturizing: As a moisturizer, glycerin maintains and promotes hair smoothness and softness. This happens because glycerin absorbs moisture when it is used in a diluted form; therefore, hair is prevented from getting frizzy, dry or breaking off. This can occur in extremely dry weather in which glycerin will seek out moisture and get it dehydrated. Overuse of a product could result in hair becoming wax or greasy. Fortunately, this is not a harmful result as it can easily be corrected.

Hair Growth: Glycerin enhances hair growth as you have read earlier. It prompts the rapid development of hair within a short time. Hair sticks and grows healthily.

Enabling Curly Hair: Because glycerin draws moisture from the air to the hair shaft, it enables hair to be curly. Glycerin is an effective frizz minimizer.

Removing Color: Glycerin being a reasonably good solvent for different types of molecules can help in removing color from the hair. Unbound dye molecules close to the exterior of the hair can dissolve easily. Users of permanent dyes who think of removing color can use glycerin.

Treating Hair Infections: Glycerin can eliminate dandruff, scalp and itching because of its soothing properties for creating a cooling effect on a skin layer.


Glycerin could be used for the hair in dealing with different hair problems. Glycerin as a liquid can be mixed with another substance to make a solution to eliminate various hair challenges.

Hair Spray: Potent Hair Spray can be made using glycerin. Mix glycerin with an equal amount of water in a spray bottle to make hair spray. This application is effective as it gives desirable result by offering you softer hair.

Eliminating Dandruff: Regular use of glycerin will help eliminate dandruff and dry. Glycerin makes a cooling effect on the scalp. Glycerin with apple cider vinegar can treat dandruff. This can be done by mixing a teaspoon of each and rinse with a prepared solution. A Constant application will stop dandruff from showing up.

Eradicating itching: Glycerin regular application eradicates itching on scalp. Itching results in dryness in the scalp which can be stopped by using Glycerin. Glycerin can be mixed with water to form deep conditional that offers moisture which is very helpful to dry hair. From this mixture and it uses breaking off of hair and dry hair will be prevented.

Maintaining Curls: Glycerin helps in maintaining the curls especially for women who love keeping their hair curly and in a natural oily state. Through glycerin conditions, moisture can be maintained which makes hair looks curly and healthier.

Final Rinse: Glycerin can be used in the final rinse of the hair after washing it. This makes the hair soft, smooth and healthier. You can do this by adding little glycerin to water do the final rinse of the hair.

Split ends: Glycerin makes the hair stronger. It prevents the hair from split ends which come from dryness and in nutrition. Adding essential oils to the hair will be more effective by stopping it from frizzy which is as a result of low moisture in the hair which leads to hair loss or damage.

Leave- in –treatment: Leave- in –treatment using glycerin helps to resuscitate lifeless hair and smoothes frizzy hair by giving adequate nourishment ensuring the softness of the hair.

Eradicating Dry Locks: Mix a teaspoon of glycerin with a tablespoon of milk and rinse rough lock with this solution. Then, wash with shampoo and conditioner. This will eradicate dry and rough locks.

Strengthening Hair Follicles: The mixture of glycerin with coconut oil; a teaspoon with two tablespoons respectively, and application to your scalp promotes hair growth and strengthens hair follicles.

how to apply glycerin on hair


Make a Glycerin Spray: Put ½ cup (118mL) of distilled water into the spray bottle. Add ½ cup (118mL) of rose water to the spray bottle. Add 2 teaspoon (9.8mL) of olive oil to the spray bottle. Shake thoroughly to combine the oil and glycerin with the other ingredients.

Then, spray the mixture onto your hair when it is still damp from bathing or showering. Comb through your hair. Spray amount of the mixture onto your hair, then comb through t for straight hair.

Make a Glycerin Hair Mask: Beat one egg in a small bowl. Then, add two tablespoons (30mL) of castor oil to the bowl and stir the mixture. Put one teaspoon (4.9mL) of glycerin and 1 teaspoon (4.9 mL) of apple cider vinegar in the bowl. Shake together the solution until all the ingredients are combined and smooth. Apply with your hands or a pastry brush this moisturizing hair mask to your locks.

Gently massage the mixture into your hair. Wrap around your hair a warm towel placed in the sun or in your dryer. Leave the mask on for 40 minutes. Use a mild shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfates, which can damage your newly-moisturized locks.

Adding Glycerin to your Conditioner: Pour 10 mL of glycerin into your 50 milliliters (1.7 fl oz) conditioner bottle. Uncap your conditioner bottle and in the top opening of the bottle, place a small funnel. Pour 10 milliliters (0.34 fl oz) of glycerin through the funnel into the conditioner bottle carefully. Replace the cap on the conditioner bottle.

Shake the bottle thoroughly before each use to make sure the conditioner and glycerin are combined. Apply it to your hair. Leave it on for a few minutes, and then rinse it out.

Using Glycerin Effectively: If the humidity levels are above or below average, use less glycerin than you normally would. If you apply full-strength glycerin to your hair, you are likely to end up with a sticky mess as Glycerin happens to be thick and syrupy substance.

Dilute glycerin with water or other hair-safe liquids, like conditioner, before applying it. Opt for naturally-derived glycerin.

is glycerin good for your hair


Glycerin is undoubtedly a good substance for the hair as it helps with the optimization of hair growth. Stopping the hair from breaking, drying and maintaining an adequate length via faster growth, Glycerin can eliminate dandruff, flaky and dry scalp easily and get rid of itching.

Glycerin also moisturizes the hair by making it smooth and soft. Glycerin keeps hair shaft hydrated. Glycerin is very useful in treating hair. Its uses are applicable and practicable.