5 Upcoming Interior Design Trends to Look For

Interior design is gradually gaining more relevance by the day as more individuals are now spending a lot of money on their home decor. 

As a result, designers and architects are always putting efforts into improving the safety and health conditions of their designs.

With the rising interest of designers and architects in interior design, several innovations are continually being introduced into the market.

Here at https://www.eightdesign.com.sg/ we have taken the time to review the current trend of interior design as well as the top 5 upcoming interior design trends to look for. This will help you make the right choice for interior decoration for your home or office. More so, these design trends might form the bedrock of designs for the next decade.

Blue as The New Black

With the announcement of classic blue as the official color of the year, it came as a surprise to everyone. However, after a deeper look at the color, you will agree that it is a color that can never go wrong irrespective of the style or space you intend to use it for.

Like its name, classic blue is classic and comes with an elegant and stylish look to beautify your space; no wonder interior decorators and enthusiasts already love the color.

Furthermore, it is safe to say that blue is now the new black, and this is because, in 2009, The New York Times announced blue as the new black, this signifying the end of an era for black.

Less is Better

In recent times, more and more individuals are beginning to consider the environment when it comes to their choice of interior designs.

Many individuals now consider the long term used when it comes to selecting furniture, design, or decoration for their homes. As a result, these individuals prefer to invest in lesser but high-quality materials capable of transferring their style and home. 

Even more, homeowners are beginning to realize that cleaning a house with several ornaments can be quite difficult compared to a house with lesser ornaments. Besides, well organized and clean homes are always attractive.

Contrary to what most people believe, you can design your home to be minimal, and it will still look very luxurious. It is indeed safe to say that less is the new classy.

The Mood of Tranquility

Without a doubt, Pantone stood out as the most popular color for Dulux in 2020. However, it also shows an urgent need for a new accent of tranquility and connectivity.

One of the colors that offers such a level of tranquility is the Tranquil Dawn. It is a neutral and soft shade of green, and it is also adaptable to various palettes. This adaptability makes it stand out as one of the most preferred choices for most interior designers.

The Pantone comes with other colors to support its use. It has a blend of dark charcoal and green accents mixed to provide a template on how Tranquil Dawn fits most when it comes to its usage in homes.

Furthermore, the colors that come with the palettes are designed with the concept of changing sunrises. Even more, they help to make designs and decorations not only stylish but also simple.

Luxury With a Touch of Natural

For many years, the interior decoration space has been dominated by luxurious fixtures, materials, and ornaments, which have all been used to create modern but minimalist homes. However, this year that trend is gradually changing as most designers and homeowners are now beginning to consider using natural materials to create luxurious designs.

Materials such as marble, linen, and many others are expected to be used in the kitchen and bathrooms, bowls, vases, and candleholders. Additionally, linen will also be used in creating beautiful jewel tones and boho style designs.

A New Decade, A New Start For Interior Design

For this year, the interior design focuses on using smaller spaces and natural materials to create smarter and luxurious designs.

Although it is a bit difficult to predict the trend or color that will lead accurately, it is correct to say that the interior design space will focus more on concept development and how it affects design.

That said, we will be expecting to see more designs and styles that will reflect the various homeowners’ personalities and tastes in this decade.


All in all, the interior design world is looking promising and bright. This year and decade are expected to see a trend of designs that blend wild colors, natural materials, bold and sustainable design.