Unique Ideas to Make Birthday Cakes


One of the most difficult things about cakes is that rather than making the cake, the idea of decorating the cake is much difficult. The unique ideas of decorating the cake come either in innovative minds or by some clicks. Ideas of cake decorating differ from person to person like it is different for girls and different for boys. But do not need to worry, here are some of the best and unique ideas of decorating the cakes.

Electric guitar cake

This is one of the most beautiful cakes among the unique cakes. This cake is fantastic if there is any music lover in the family or friends. Just like its uniqueness, this cake is much simpler to make. There are several stencils of electric guitar available in the market.

Get one and cut out the body and neck of the guitar. Then place it and decorate it with some beautiful icings. Now the only thing left is, decorate it with beautiful candles and the cake is ready to enjoy.

Butterfly cake

This idea is also the best one to get the amazing cake. It is also simple and easy to make. Make a round cake of any flavor and then with a peace sign, cut the cake. Now split the four halves of the cake to all the corners of the cake. Now a beautiful butterfly cake is ready.

Even if somebody wants to make it more unique then take the stencil of the butterfly from the market and make the artificial butterfly with it and after icing, the buttery cake is ready to enjoy.

Princess cake

This is the best cake for the girls on their birthdays. The required things to make this cake is a Barbie doll or fairy princess, 3 round inches cakes, one bakes the cake in a medium-sized bowl. Now remove the sides of the cake of 8 inches and now remove the cake from the center by doing holes in it. Now start placing the three layers of cakes on each other but do not forget to place the layering of pink or red frosting. Now place the small cake in the inverted position on the top.

Place the Barbie doll or fairy princess on the top and after decorating it with beautiful icing and candles, the cake is ready to enjoy. One can make this cake for their own and can also gift to their loved ones.

Castle cake

This cake is good for the simpler ones. So as for making this cake, the first requirement is 4 cakes and each of 8 inches in square shapes. Remove the dome of each cake so as to keep it flat from the sides. Now place the cake on each other and do not forget to put the layer of pink frosting in each layer.

Now it is the turn of the fourth piece of cake and divides into parts and keeps the 2 parts in the center of the 3 cakes stacked. Now do the frosting on the cake. One can make the cake more innovative by making doors and windows of the castle. So by ending this step, the castle cake is ready to enjoy and also you can visit Bakeway.com for more information.