Essential Types of Office Equipment and Machines

Modern offices are filled with computers, printers, scanners, modems and routers, headsets, air conditioning units and coffee machines to name a few.  If your company’s offices have these types of office equipment and office machines, you have all you need to get your business off to a good start.  However, as you will see from the following article, there are many other interesting pieces of office machinery that you may not have considered if you even knew they existed in the first place.

Box Making Machines (also known as Corrugated Box Machines)

Corrugated Box Machines are usually associated with larger companies who deal with hundreds and thousands of customer orders every working day because they need branded cardboard produced to meet the demand.  However, that does not necessarily mean that if you have a smaller company with smaller volume orders, you won’t be able to make use of a box making machine for your packaging needs.

This is definitely a machine you should give due consideration to if you deal with packaging and posting out or delivering products to customers and/or clients.

Paper Shredders

While you may not think it is necessary to have a paper shredder in your workplace, because of the constant threat of identity fraud and its effect on businesses and individuals; it is something you should think seriously about.  Information has a high currency, so even if you are not handling hard copies of customer financial information, you may still be throwing away other pieces of information that clever criminals can use.

Manually hredding documentation with sensitive data is not something anyone should have to do in this modern day and age.  Not only is it ineffective, due to tiredness and fatigue setting in; but it is also time-consuming.  Shredders can shred hundreds and thousands of documents in the space of minutes into tiny irretrievable pieces.

Label Makers

It may seem like a labelmaker is nothing more than an extra piece of office equipment that you could do without.  It may be that you think that though, only because you do not understand the full range of uses this type of machine can provide your business with.

For instance, a label maker machine can be used to make labels for ring binders, file folders; but can also help to organise mail pigeonholes, create ‘out of order’ signs for toilets and lifts, create official and professional ‘please remove unused items every Friday’ on fridges, affix important telephone numbers or extensions on a telephone unit, identify and organise computer hardware and wiring and so much more.

Folding Machines

If your company sends out a lot of printed documentation, reports or even letters and has been relying on specially assigned members of staff to the pieces of the paper folder, insert it into envelopes and seal them ready for posting; it may be time to look for a more automated solution.  Particularly if you consider the likelihood of errors occurring when your employees have to handle hundreds of mailing tasks at a time.

Fatigue and boredom can often affect the accuracy and consistency of the work when it is carried out by humans.  When you use a folding machine, however, you don’t have these kinds of issues or concerns.  Folding machines are designed to handle the folding, inserting and sealing of multiple items in the space of an hour.  Even the lower end price range machines can fold a staggering amount of mailings compared to the one or two hundred employees may be able to.

Work Equipment – Office Equipment

We are sure you will agree, there is a lot more to office machinery than just computers, phones and the odd coffee machine.  There are various appliances out there that can be utilized by your business to improve your productivity, functionality, efficiency and sales.