Top Ten Ways To Promote Your Instagram Account

Instagram is the growing trend among youngsters making things appealing and wanted. You no longer need a cute puppy to get all the fame, but a simple hack can make your page that wanted “puppy.”

There are about a billion users, out of which over 800 million users are active on Instagram, providing a platform to grow your account and reach. US and India have the most numbers of users on Instagram than any other country and the EU combined.

With the right guidance, you can reach millions of audiences and become a full-time earner by your brand’s growth and make you famous in the process. In summary, Instagram is your ticket to fame and money; what you need is the right push and not some Illuminati mumbo jumbo.  

1. How should I begin growing my Instagram account

You first begin by creating a good bio. Some funny bios become a laughing stock, but the ones that are right up to a point grow further. What you watch on Netflix depends on the genre you like, such as sci-fi or rom-con. A select number of users would love this genre, making them the target audience identified by the production house.

You might wonder how this is related to Instagram and growth. The answer to this is quite simple; you need to create an account that targets a specific audience spectrum by setting a theme.

For instance, if you make an account on baked products or memes, make sure to use it for the same purposes, and avoid adding individual posts to it. Please keep it simple and organized. Your feed should be appealing, and clicking the best pictures and good captions are the way to go.

2. How do I click quality images and captions? 

People tend to like the good stuff only when they are presentable and pleasing. For instance, would you like to eat a shabby looking cake or one with a fantastic presentation? The answer sorts it out.

Click good high-quality images. If you are a beginner and don’t have a professional camera like DSLR or an iPhone 12 pro, you can still click good pictures, provided the lighting and angle are good.

Furthermore, great pictures are always accompanied by great stories and symbolize a thought-provoking idea. Here, we are talking about a good caption. Keep in mind that captions should be interactive, and elegant, and reliable.

When your captions are a question, it can make a good engagement as audiences might tend to answer it. So, one of the tricks for growth is a good caption and a fantastic click. Complete your profile and make it presentable.

3. How will my social capita help me?

Your friends are always your real critic and an incredible platform to advertise for free. Imagine this. You and your friend have a different social bubble (studying in other colleges or workplaces).

When you ask your friend to forward your posts or ask them to give you a shoutout, imagine the number of audiences viewing them. Good engagement in the form of chain reactions with the post going viral has a higher probability when it is appealing.

Therefore, it is advisable to think out of the box and make more and more like it. Another way to get a good reach is by commenting on other accounts, brands, and fellow colleagues; if people find it interesting, they might check out your account.

4. Teasers are the way to go.

Humans have always had a curious mind-set, and when things that they want and cannot get increases their curiosity and fondness towards it. It is evident by the demand and supply concept.

Therefore, creating a mind-blowing teaser will help create an atmosphere full of suspense and mystery. More and more audience will be curious as to what you are about to reveal.

5. What are the free Instagram features that can help me grow?

Sometimes things are right in front of us, and we don’t know about it. As mentioned earlier, keep your engagement two ways. The use of excellent Instagram features like polls and multiple choices will do the trick.

Furthermore, it is a brilliant idea to view the statistics regarding your post engagements. This will help you understand at what point of the day your followers are active, understanding posts with least and most engagements and likes, thus evaluating for future posts.

To utilize this feature, you need to turn on the business account on Instagram. Turing on the Business account can be done by clicking on settings, accounts, and business, and fill in the information as per your needs. 

6. How does Instagram know which posts are the best and which aren’t? 

The Instagram algorithm is not known clearly by the creators as well. The basic idea is the longer a user views the profile, instead of rapidly swiping the screen, Instagram flags it as engaging.

Likes and comments do matter. An easy trick to create longer and informative captions so that users take a long time reading them and remain intrigued. There have also been rumours suggesting that Instagram promotes natural images without any filters.

Another way to make your posts viral is by using related hashtags. Create hashtags, and you might get easily noticed. Again, the algorithm is not clearly defined.

7. Paid Promotions and third-party apps

 If you ready to invest in promoting, then paid promotions are the way to go. Instagram identifies the target audience for you. Then by paying for the publicity, you can reach the audiences, promoting your posts.

Remember, your advertised product, or anything else for that matter, needs to be edited well and cross-checked, else your investment will be at a waste.

8. The mannequins of the future

 In the earlier days, one would advertise their products on a mannequin, and people passing by would look at it and ultimately purchase it. It’s a different generation, and mannequins have been morphed into what’s called an ‘Influencer’.

Influencers have a better reach than you and so, if you are looking for an instant solution and ready to spend some money, then hiring influencers is the way to go. While hiring an influencer, factors need to be considered.

For instance, your influencer should love your brand and be ready to promote it and be transparent. Promoting for better reach in an instant can be quickly done with an influencer having a pool of audiences already, boosting your brand or network.

9. Hosting promotional events by hiring a special guest.

Hosting physical events are the best way to go forward, depending on the type of brand. People are often bored by shopping online, while there are some you love to shop by going to the market.

You can easily host events like baking contests or classes for a baking account, a fashion show for streetwear, or hosting a music event in coffees. One on one engagement is an excellent way to go. Hiring a well-regarded celebrity can also do the trick; this is possible only if you are ready to invest a considerable sum of money or if Lady Gaga is your friend.

10. Freebies and giveaways.

Who wouldn’t like free products? Giveaways can help you quickly fetch the required engagements. What you could do is create a giveaway contest and ask your followers or friends to promote it, and those who did it can enter the competition and stand a chance to win a fantastic prize.

You can get more engagements by creating a hashtag and asking your followers or audiences to follow it and enter the contest. You can then generate a trending digital presence.

There are, therefore, ways to grow your Instagram account. What is now required of you is to take the right step and begin today. Every second count!


Q1. Which options should I consider?

It is necessary to weigh the pros and cons while making the right decision. You first need to decide whether you are willing to spend money or not or how big your brand is. These questions can quickly answer your question and make your judgment crystal clear.

Q2. How should I ask my friends to promote?

You are friends with them as you can ease up quickly. Therefore, asking them to promote is not big of a deal. Just go for it.