The Top Reasons to Start Using Digital Signage

Digital led signs and displays have a broad application in various fields, such as branding, revenue, and education. They have helped in improving customer experience as well as smoothening the operations of organizations and different businesses. Their influence in making it easy to pass relevant information cannot be overlooked either. Overall, digital signage has transformed the business environment.

Definition – Digital Signage

Also known as electronic signage or dynamic signage, digital signage involves the use of different forms of multimedia such as video and graphics to broadcast informational or advertising content to the public at various places. The setup usually involves a large digital screen attached to either a computer or a playback device. Some of the places you are likely to come across the use of digital signage include hospitals, bus and train stations, airports, libraries, banks, and office buildings among other public areas.

Main uses of digital signage. The following are some of the main uses of digital signage:

Product information

One of the most common usages of digital signage is in the display of product information. This comes in handy when you need to pass information about a particular product or service that you offer. In effect, it becomes a direct advertising mechanism that can influence sales.

Brand marketing

Creation and promotion of brand awareness are one of the many uses of signage. You can use high definition imagery and graphics to attract the attention of customers. One area where this is often used is in the fashion industry.

Digital menu boards

You have probably been to the restaurants that offer quick services. Such restaurants use digital signage to better their service delivery. It is a flexible way of displaying offers and prices at different points of the establishment as well as when placing orders. Better yet, this technology can be used to increase customer engagement at the point of sale.

Customization of services

Today’s consumers expect the use of technology in offering them personalized services. This can be designed to match their past shopping trends, needs, and behavior. Digital signage can be used in making the content personalized for customers using the information that the organization has about them.


Digital signage can also be used to provide in-store entertainment. The use of high-quality video, for instance, can be used to attract the attention of passing customers. Besides, native wall videos are used to entertain the companions of the in-store shoppers.

Third-party advertising

The advertising spaces on digital screens can be used for brokerage advertising where one party uses another’s digital signage system for advertising their offer. The big brands mostly use this, especially in the fashion industry.

Top Reasons why you Should Consider using Digital Signage

The different uses of digital signage in a business setting come with several benefits that will make you want to consider using the technology. Many businesses and organizations are using the technology to make their operations better and improve their service delivery. When compared to the print signage, digital signage has a number of advantages that give it an edge over the alternatives. Such include:

Reduces perceived waiting time

Long waiting times can be annoying to clients. However, with the use of digital display screens, you can use entertainment to keep them busy while you sort out things and keep the queue moving. This is one effective way of killing the boredom, which will make the perceived time seem short. This will have a positive effect on your reputation and the chances of getting more customers will increase.

It is less expensive

The use of digital signage is significantly less expensive than the traditional print signage. Although the initial investment will be high, the long-term cost is way lower than it would otherwise be the case. The importance of the low cost is that you can cover a wide range of uses besides advertising and entertainment.

Can be used to display time-sensitive ads

Another apparent advantage that display signage has over the print alternative is the ability to run time-sensitive ads. The Internet connection ensures that you keep tabs on the trends in the industry and offer customized ads. In essence, you can run blog posts, social media feeds, and local weather trends in real time.

Boost sales

As mentioned before, signage is used to display product information on the electronic message boards and create brand awareness. This, in effect, not only encourages customers to make purchases but also induces impulse buying. The attractive and high definition displays that are used on the digital screens can be used to persuade the clients to make purchases thereby boosting sales.

Effective way of leveraging video

The use of video in passing product information is by far one of the most effective ways of communicating with and attracting clients. Quality animations and high definition imagery have been used in leveraging the potential of graphics and video to encourage customers to make purchases. Better yet, the engagement can come in handy in enhancing impulse buying at the point of sale.

It can be interactive

Every organization and business desire to interact with their clients and find ways of improving their service delivery. This form of marketing is called the data-driven marketing, and digital signage plays a significant role in the same. For example, you could run an interactive promotion on social media where your clients sign up for discounts. In the meantime, you could be passing information to them on their smartphones.


To sum it up, the diversity of the uses of digital signage make it a worthy investment. You can use it to compel, inform, motivate, recognize, or warn individuals in your organization and do this in real time. When used in the business setting, the benefits are many. It simply changes the business model by adding efficiency and real-time results. However, you will need to make sure that you get the right hardware and software for your organization to enjoy the full potential of the technology. With the system in place, it will take your creativity to make the most out of digital signage.

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