Top 5 Things You Must Try Out When You Are In Breckenridge, Colorado

Located in Colorado, the municipality of Breckenridge shill holds a similar Victorian charm which it did during the gold rush. The friendly and down to earth vibe of this place helped Breckenridge to morph from being a silver-and gold-mining town to becoming one of the most popular skiing destinations of the country. In addition, Breckenridge is located just a short drive away from other mainstream destinations of Colorado, like Vail, located 40 miles away, and Denver, which is about 80 miles away.

Winter days in Breckenridge are characterized by people running on the Tenmile Range and evenings spent at downtown eateries and bars. In the mid-year, a huge number of hiking and cycling routes make up for the absence of the winter sports. But regardless of the season, the greatness of the Breckenridge night sky remains a beautiful thing of beauty to observe – and worth returning to quite a long time. There are a ton of Breckenridge vacation rentals which you can rent to have a luxurious vacation here. And when you come to this beautiful place, here are the top five activities which you must try out.

1. Shop at the Main Street

The main street of Breckenridge seems to remain just like the way it was completed a hundred years back. A significant number of the authentic structures are still there, and the exteriors of these structures will help ttravelersto remember a period when the Wild West mining rush was very much prevalent in Breckenridge.

You will find over 200 shops lining this historic Main Street Breckenridge, offering an assortment of souvenirs, numerous highlighting local produce or handcrafted things, for example, you can find handmade soaps, traditional Navajo weavings and much more. A few suppliers and ski shops offer gear rentals and deals for ttravelerswho want to spend some time skiing at the close-by ski slants. There are a lot of other souvenir shops, restaurants, clothing shops etc. which offer a lot of chances for shopping.

2. Go for a Road Trip through Boreas Pass

Located 11,481 feet above the sea level, the Boreas Pass is a beautiful high mountain pass which you have to check out while you are here. Situated in the Rocky Mountains, this pass used to be known as the Breckenridge Pass. It was frequently used by the people who wanted to tap into the gold rush period of Colorado. Later, it served as a pass for a wagon railroad and a narrow gauge railroad. Today, you can go for a beautiful scenic drive along the pass.

You will get to see some of the most amazing vistas from the top of the pass. Explore the ruins of the Boreas Station which still remains at the top. A lot of mountain bikers opt for a road trip through this pass and it also serves as a base for a lot of winter sports during the winter months.

3. Enjoy Skiing at Breckenridge Ski Resort

Breckenridge Ski Resort is one of the most famous ski resorts in the whole country. The beautiful location, the picturesque vistas, the awesome slopes and miles and miles of powdery snow make this wonderful Alpine ski resort one of the popular choices among ski lovers from the whole world. The ski resort encompasses a total of five peaks.

All of those peaks are located in the southern Tenmile Range. There are 31 lifts operating in the park, using which you can easily access the ski terrain and the peaks. Breckenridge also hosts the annual Winter Dew Tour, where you can see many famous action sports athletes in action. The ski resorts also offer ride schools and skiing lessons for beginners and slopes suitable for them. And if you are experienced skier, you can go for one of the backcountry guided tours to enjoy a vacation full of adventure.

4. Hike through McCullough Gulch Trail

If you are looking for some hiking and trekking action during your vacation, Breckenridge will not disappoint you in any way. Among the various hiking and trekking trails located in the area, the McCullough Gulch Trail is one of the most popular and scenic trails you must hike through. This 2.9 mile long trail is located near the Blue River and offers a beautiful scenic path with changing terrains. The trail is situated in the White River National Forest.

It is accessible both in the summer and winter months, however, the months of April to October are the most popular months. You will get to see a lot of incredible vistas, beautiful waterfalls, lush forests, birds, wildlife and you will also come across a scenic lake during your hike.

5. Go for a Walking History Tour

Breckenridge is full of historic districts and landmarks from the gold rush era which makes it a great destination for a walking history tour. In fact, it is one of the best things you can do while you are here. You will get go for a lightly paced walking tour through the store district, explore really old alleyways and store and learn a ton of thrilling stories of the gold rush period.

The stories are full of characters who visited the district for the gold, most of them have very rough and tough characteristics and they surely make some good stories. The tour is nearly 90 minutes lot, and during those ninety minutes, you will get to learn a lot of Breckenridge’s glittery history.