Top 20 SEO Techniques and Strategies for 2018


2018 is here with us and you have an exclusive opportunity to use the available techniques and strategies to make your website to stand out from the crowd in a creative manner. You just need to understand some of these secrets in order to get a big picture of the 2018 search trends.

Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) will continue to be regarded highly in 2018 because Google will continue to show more kinds of data and markup in the search results. Currently, Google has the capacity to provide responses to a given question and this can drive away traffic from your site. The use of the instant answering technique has been on the rise. This creates an exclusive opportunity to key in those features and answers.

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more popular to have a multilingual website. Internationalizingand localizing your content and offer lets you segment your target audience and fill their needs more efficiently.

Intent Keyword falls among the trends that begun with Hummingbird updates and still continues with the RankBrain. It assists marketers to focus on what their customers are looking for. You cannot succeed in the 2018 SEO industry unless you understand what your customer is searching for. Therefore, it will continue to play a critical role in making sure that you frame your content in an appropriate manner.

The SEO market will also continue to experience the value of comprehensiveness in 2018. The market forces will force you to do a lot of research in your field. Google will also pay a lot of attention to the website’s user interface. Your website will have to be accessible on all devices and user-friendly. Users will also pay a lot of attention to the loading speed of their sites. Some of the features that will not be in the 2018 Google books are overlays and pop-ups. You will stand a high chance to get on Google searches front pages if you have an excellent user engagement and experience.

The use of Google AdWords keywords will attract a higher level of search volume data. Currently, Google provides the range where the exact search falls but not the exact search. The other trending feature for the 2018 SEO industry is the rise in Voice Search. Most marketers don’t consider this trend but it will begin to boost soon or later.

The other technique will be building keywords to the content map. In this case, marketers will write down all the phrases that pop up in their mind depending on their industry. They will now compare these phrases with the exact keywords that people are searching for. The next step will be to re-write URs that have these keywords in them. The use of both long tail and short tail keywords to generate more traffic will also be on the rise. Use of keywords will be on high competition and this will continue to enhance brand awareness.

SEO experts will also break down their SEO efforts with an aim of achieving the desired results. Marketers will also develop new SEO reporting, evaluation, assessment, or measuring tools to gauge the performance of their efforts. They will pay more attention to the quality of links so as to convert them into business.

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Courtesy of: Search Engine Magazine