The Role Of CBD Oil For Diarrhea In Dogs

CBD Oil For Diarrhea In Dogs

Is your beloved dog suffering from diarrhea? There is no reason to worry as long as you discover the cause of this gastrointestinal medical condition, as it can be triggered by multiple factors. Diarrhea manifests in a frequent loose stool, which results from disrupted bowel movements and abnormal function of the digestive system.

Besides keeping track of hydration and diet, you’re recommended to use CBD oil for the treatment of this condition. Cannabidiol is capable of restoring the digestive balance and appetite in canines, reducing their discomfort, and relieving their anxiety.

Read more about the most common diarrhea causes and the role of CBD oil in the treatment.

Common Causes

Perhaps the most common cause of this medical condition is an unanticipated change in your dog’s diet. Unlike humans, canines have an extremely sensitive stomach, which reacts to every change of ingredients. Therefore, when introducing a new ingredient into your pet’s daily menu, make sure you do it gradually to provide an adjustment period. Click here for some useful tips on making changes in your canine’s diet.

Another common cause of diarrhea in canines is eating spoiled or unhealthy food. Considering their fondness of food, dogs are even capable of ingesting garbage food or feces. Additionally, foods that are rich in fat and sugar are harmful to their gastrointestinal tract, usually resulting in bloating and diarrhea. Regardless of your pet’s begging habit, you aren’t supposed to feed it with fatty or sugary snacks.

Moreover, canines are known for their hypersensitivity towards particular types of foods, such as the ones containing fat and gluten. It’s also common for your pet to develop an allergy to a specific kind of food that is unusual for its breed. Whenever you notice that a certain ingredient upsets your dog’s stomach, make sure you exclude it from its diet.

Ingesting poisonous substances is yet another common cause of diarrhea in canines. These furry creatures aren’t exactly aware of the danger of garbage food, which might be fatal if not treated momentarily. Therefore, canines should stay away from detergents, medications, mushrooms, chocolate, and numerous plants such as ivy, holly, and bluebells.

Role Of CBD Oil For Diarrhea In Dogs

Furthermore, diarrhea is also likely to be caused by a viral or bacterial infection. The former results in symptoms that last for a couple of days, while the latter manifests in symptoms that worsen over time. Anyhow, you’re advised to pay a visit to your vet so as to be provided with a professional opinion about your pet’s condition. The following link,, contains useful information about the multiple causes of diarrhea in canines.

Ultimately, this medical condition might be triggered by a stressful episode in your dog’s life. These furry friends become stressed when faced with a sudden change in their routine, such as moving to a new home or introducing another pet to the family. Stress is responsible for disturbing their bowel movements, thus resulting in loose stool.

Common Symptoms

The symptoms of this medical condition are rather obvious, which enables pet owners to detect gastrointestinal problems easily. The most common symptoms of diarrhea are frequent loose stool, abnormal gas production, weight loss, fatigue, and appetite loss. Your furry companion is likely to demonstrate food reluctance, lack of energy, and signs of dehydration.

Additionally, if these symptoms last for more than a few days, it’s high time to schedule a vet appointment. The most alarming diarrhea symptoms that might be indicators of severe diseases like cancer are bloody and black stool, as well as excessive vomiting.

The Benefits Of CBD Oil

Besides keeping your canine companion properly hydrated, CBD oil is believed to be highly beneficial in the treatment of diarrhea. For instance, its interaction with the digestive receptors of the endocannabinoid system enables a normal function of the digestive system and regular bowel movements. Also, by stimulating the secretion of the hunger hormone, CBD oil plays a major role in inducing the appetite of your companion, thus helping to restore its normal weight.

Moreover, its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial in reducing the discomfort that your dog is feeling. Additionally, CBD oil is also capable of reducing nausea and vomiting, which directly contributes to appetite loss.

This natural remedy can even help pets that suffer from diarrhea caused by a stressful situation. By stimulating the production of serotonin, CBD oil automatically reduces anxiety and improves the canines’ mood. Consequently, your dog will feel more cheerful and vigorous.

The right dosage of cannabidiol for your pet will be determined by its weight as well as the seriousness of the condition. Bear in mind that the potency of the CBD product is also of great importance when calculating the dosage.


CBD oil can improve your dog’s gastrointestinal health much sooner than you expected!