Text Messages To Win Your Ex Back

Breakups are hard. Especially when they come out of nowhere. Too many people get comfortable in a relationship, and they don’t realize where everything went wrong. The feeling when you realize that you’re not wanted anymore is simply devastating. 

It’s like the ground turns to ice and breaks instantly, and you fall into an abyss that’s cold and dark. No one wants to experience the thoughts and feelings that come after a breakup. That’s one of the reasons why so many people want to get their ex back. Click here to read more. 

The good thing about the online world is that you can reach anyone at any time. A couple of decades ago, you couldn’t find your ex that easily as now. That’s where text messages come into play. They are the best way to restart a relationship, and it’s the most effective method.  

Why are Messages So Effective

When you talk to somebody, you can only say what comes to mind. You don’t have time to think about your answers and place your words strategically. When you’re texting, you have all the time in the world to create an ideal message.

 Language is amazing because it can create images in our minds. If you can use the right words, you can create a combination of uncertainty and excitement that will pique the interest and the emotions of your ex. Your quest to reclaim their love will be easy if you know how to write flawless text, which is much better than meeting in person. 

When you’re face to face, your body language could give you away. You’re probably not an FBI agent, so you can’t control your facial expressions and emotions. Picking an alternative will make it much easier. Some people decide to use the phone. Follow this link for more info https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-9840431/Why-perfect-time-ex.html. 

That’s not the greatest option because your voice can stutter, and that could give you a way that you miss them and want to reunite again. If you use email, they’re probably not going to read it because you’ll be putting all of your feelings into it, sprinkled with a couple of apologies. That’s why a direct message is something that has been proven time and time again. 

What to Do?

You can’t just message them a day after the break-up without letting some time pass. If you’re not the one who initiated the break, it’s best to wait a couple of weeks to see whether their emotions change. Fifty percent of the time, the simple strategy of waiting brings the best results.

However, if 30 days pass without any contact, then you can start doing some preliminary research. Try to remember all of the things that went wrong. If you digest everything that happened that led to that point, it’s going to be much easier to get back together.

During the first thirty days after a break-up, you’re going to feel lonely and depressed. At some point, it might even feel miserable. The longer you feel like that, the harder it’s going to be to recover. That’s why you need to devote the first month to yourself.

Being away from your partner will give you both the time and the space to heal from any emotional scars. You can use this time for self-development, getting in touch with your friends, filling your social batteries, and figuring out what you want to do in life. This is the moment where you can be selfish about your needs.

What kinds of Messages can You Write

As soon as a month passes by and you’ve worked on yourself for a bit, it’s time to initiate contact again with your ex. It’s best if you’ve thought how to get your ex back fast by text message because the steps you can take are easy. This doesn’t need to be anything dramatic or intrusive. Instead, try to bring up a positive moment. 

When you remember positive memories, you tend to feel closer to the people that were there. Don’t talk about subjects that include your birthdays, celebrating anniversaries of Valentine’s Day presents. Instead, you can remind them about a random moment where you had fun. 

Maybe something from a vacation or try to make them remind you of something. At the start, it’s important to get the conversation going and be completely friendly and light. When you start talking, subtly remind them that you’re still thinking about them. 

It’s best to use this type of language if they’re going through a hard time and they need support. It might be their mother’s birthday, and you just want to remind them. Try to make the conversation revolve around them and use a reminder that you’re still cheering on from the sides. 

Don’t talk about anything you’ve seen on their Instagram or Facebook accounts. This could make you look like a stalker. Instead, keeping everything light will make the other side feel pleased because the texts are nice and brief. 

After a couple of days, if you notice that they’re starting to initiate conversations, it’s time to make things a bit more heated. At this point, you can open up your heart and let it talk. It might be difficult to be honest because the fear is still there of getting hurt again. 

You might need time to prepare for this step and then just let it out all at once. Remember that this could be a start of a fresh opportunity, and make sure to emphasize that you’ve improved during the last month or so. If you perform all the steps perfectly, you’ll be back together again.