Spin bike results, after and before the journey


Reducing weight is what people keep dreaming of constantly. While some are lucky enough to put down the desired amount of weight, some strive really hard to shed weight. They are people that continue their trails in reducing weight and some get demotivated with no results showing up.

Personally, I Catherine was one who always wanted to reduce all the extra pounds that I have gained by eating and eating. I was quite motivated initially, but frankly, that never lasted for a week also. I was really disappointed since my body seemed to be the same with no shape.

One day after I have seen the testimonies of various people about ‘Spin bike’ my happiness had no bounds. I have also seen various tutorial videos on the internet to know how the spin bike works. Trust me, that got me even more motivated.

I have decided to get home a spin bike and start right away. Though it was a kind of heavy on my pocket, I understand that this one-time investment is better than paying costly gym bills. And then, came home my brand-new spin bike.

I started off with hopping over the spin bike in the morning. I did the exercise (the spin cycling) for about 20 sec first and stopped for another 10 seconds. This way helped me maintain the pace throughout till I was sure that I made my body accustomed to it.

This way also helped largely as it was like fun cycling a spin bike. I could already feel the calories burning out inside my body and yes, I started figuring out that I was on the way to lose the weight. So, I was quite determined to continue this exercise, no matter what.

A month was good to show off the results in my body. Nothing like the gym or the diet could help me lose weight. But, my spin bike did. I am really glad about that. In a span of 30 days to be exact, I have lost about 4 kgs.

Thanks to the spin bike without which I would still have been hard on myself for being fat or heavy. Losing weight with the height of the spin bike is the best because there were fewer chances of gaining back the weight.

Only with a view to avoiding gaining weight again, I ensured that I exercised hopping over my spin bike. Read more about it at https://thegymguides.com/spin-bike-benefits/

So, if you too are one person that really wish to lose weight and looking for ways which can help you, I suggest you the ‘Spin bike’.

Get your spin bike home today and start your daily workouts right away. Nothing can stop you from losing the weight that you also wanted to lose. And yes, my special note on this regard is that – I have also made some changes in my food habits that worked out drastically for me. Stick to your diet plans along with the exercise for best results.

Good luck to you all.