Some Important Facts About Oral Cancer That Everyone Must Know

Cancer is a problem that has been plaguing the human population over generations now. There is no cure to this metastasis of cells and hardly any full proof causes or preventive measures have emerged. A lot of research and studies are being conducted in this field with little success. Some cancers like Hotchkin’s Lymphoma can be cured if detected early but for something like liver cancer, it is inevitably fatal.

What is oral cancer?

This is a cancer where the cancerous growth of cells occurs in your mouth or in any portion of your mouth cavity. This is very common all across the world (the 11th most common, to be precise) and if caught and treated at an early stage, there are some really effective treatments that can subside it for long periods of time. In most cases surgery is advised and the cost of oral cancer surgery in india varies depending on which type of surgery the doctor decides to perform. If you have been diagnosed with this disease or you know that a loved one is suffering from it, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

  1. There are no definite symptoms for this kind of cancer. It can be something can common as bleeding of the gum or ulcers in your mouth. So how do you make sure that the cancer is detected at an early stage? Well, do not neglect if you are having problems in your oral cavity. If your gums keep on bleeding or you can an ulcer that refuses to heal then the best option is to get it looked at immediately. Do not dilly dally the process and get help as soon as you sense that something is off.
  2. Just like it is not true that only those who drink develop liver cancer, it is also not true that if you drink and smoke then only you will develop oral cancer. But at the same time it is also true that if you are a heavy smoker or drinker then you are at greater risk of developing this condition. Thus if you feel any discomfort in your oral cavity or mouth which you cannot explain or if it doesn’t go away, then immediately rush to the doctor and get it checked.
  3. In case of the Indian scenario, this type of cancer is frequently seen in people because of the habit of chewing betel leaves and tobacco. This is a dangerous habit and a lot depends on whether you can get rid of this habit or not, because this is one type of cancer where you can actually take some effective preventive measures.
  4. Doctors perform surgery so that they can remove the cancerous cells from the oral cavity. The mouth cancer surgery cost in india is fairly high and hence when you opt for a medi claim policy check out their clauses in detail as to whether they cover a common type of cancer like oral cancer or not.

These are some very important facts that you need to be aware of. Oral cancer can be prevented or treated effectively when caught in time. So go for regular checkups and keep yourself healthy!