Smart Reasons Why Tree Removal Is Important for Your North Shore Property

North Shore is an area composed of a group of suburbs within the Northern Sydney region. It spans to the northern portion of the Sydney Harbour, which also includes Hornsby, and lies in between the Lane Cove River and Middle Harbour. It is divided into two major areas: Upper North Shore and Lower North Shore.

North Shore is a suburb known for its dwellings that are wonderfully-designed because of trees surrounding residential properties. Some commercial properties also have this characteristic. However, sometimes trees may cause more harm than good, thus requiring proper intervention. This article will talk about tree removal in North Shore, Sydney, and smart reasons for giving it a try.

Trees Can Damage Plumbing and Sewage Systems

According to a report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, North Shore is home to approximately 77,272 people occupying more than 33,000 private dwellings. Several of these dwellings use trees for landscaping their residence. Although trees can somewhat make your home more appealing, they can damage plumbing and sewage systems by causing clogged drains, inefficient water flow, or dirty water. Roots of trees can attach to water pipes and affect their integrity.

Without addressing the main culprit of your plumbing issues, you will experience the same problem again and again. It would be best that you hire tree removal in North Shore, Sydney, to provide a solution to your predicament.

Trees Can Cause Structural Damage to Your Home

Because of its geographical location, Sydney can sometimes experience unpredictable weather. The northern portion of Sydney that includes the North Shore suburbs are prone to lightning barrage because of erratic weather. Having trees near your home can be dangerous because it can become a hazard and cause structural damage to it.

When lightning strikes a tree, the tree can fall over or drop several large branches to your home. By having a tree near your household during lightning storms, you are putting your family at risk of suffering severe physical injuries.

Trees Can Cause Damage to Your Business

North Shore is home to significant commercial and retail centers, such as Crows Nest, Macquarie Park, and Chatswood, to name a few. Because of this, the competition is immense. If you own a business, you can’t afford to close down for a few days because you will be losing customers and incur opportunity costs.

Having trees around your commercial property may look good, but the disadvantages and risks that it imposes far outweigh the benefits. Trees that grow near your commercial property can reach power lines and lead to inefficient electric supply or power outages. This means your business will suffer because of inefficiency.

When you encounter this problem, it will take days and even weeks to repair significant damages that have occurred. As they say, prevention is better than cure, and you would be better off by hiring professionals to remove trees surrounding your property.


Indeed, trees add to the visual appeal of a particular property, but the troubles and issues you might encounter because of them are not worth it. Reduce your chances of experiencing problems caused by trees by having them removed as soon as possible.