A Simple Pool Maintenance Guide

In case you have a pool, giving it the proper maintenance is important. This should be done thoroughly in order to maintain your pool’s sanitation and overall appeal for your family and guests.

You should understand the basic pool maintenance procedures in order to be able to do it regularly and once this is done, you will be able to not only enjoy a favorable swimming experience but also save on the huge repair bills that normally accompany poor maintenance.

Below are some pool maintenance tips for your consideration:

Get rid of algae in the pool

One of the greatest problems associated with poor pool maintenance is that of algae growth. This problem is normally caused by a number of factors one of them being imbalance in the PH levels of the pool water.

The best way to deal with this problem therefore will be to eliminate the source and this can be done by maintaining a proper PH level.

You should test the pH level regularly and this can be done using some readily available testing kits that can be purchased online or in the local stores. It is advisable that the pH level should range between 7.2 and 7.6.

Either to balance the pH level in the pool, certain products should be used to bring the levels down or to raise it a little bit thus maintaining it within the desired range. For example, you could purchase something like chlorine, sodium bisulfate or any other product that you will find available in the stores.

However, always make sure that you have followed the instructions precisely for the desired results. Additionally, you should maintain the liner of the pool in a clean condition using a soft cloth and other permitted cleaning agents.

Plan your cleaning and maintenance schedule

It is important to have a proper schedule for your pool maintenance thus making things easier and manageable. It is important to know when it is that the chlorine levels should be checked and the same case should apply for the PH.

However, this practice should be carried out regularly. It is also important to plan your pool vacuuming and skimming schedule and make sure that nothing foreign is allowed to remain in the pool water.

Keep the water clean by maintaining the surface

In addition to the chlorine and pH levels, the surface of your pool should be cleaned regularly. It will be important to skim the water surface and vacuum the floor of the pool and this is the best and easiest way to maintain your pool in a clean condition.

You should also remove dropping leaves and other debris from your pool using a skimmer or a vacuum depending with their position. By doing this on a regular basis, you deny algae a chance or environment to grow while at the same time ensuring that the water pump does not block or breakdown.

These tips and others will go a long way in saving you from expensive repairs and part replacement, which can be overwhelming. You should also clean the pool filter regularly to ensure that it the system does not clog.