Benefits of Red Light Cameras- Infographic

While you are being a part of traffic, it is highly important to follow the traffic rules to avoid accidents and have a smooth movement on the road.

Still, traffic violations are one of the major causes of accidents happening all over the world. Driving in the wrong lanes, taking illegal turns, violating red lights are the reasons for fatal accidents.

Every year, hundreds die, and thousands get injured because of red-light violations. In order to prevent such accidents, installing red-light cameras is an effective option.

A study confirmed that installing red-light cameras has actually reduced 21% of car crashes.
There are other benefits of red light cameras as well.

  • Red-light cameras can issue tickets. Earlier, if anyone ran a red light, the policeman had to chase that person. These types of cases are very dangerous. AAA stated, red-light violations and chases after that caused 28% of crash death majorly at signalized intersections.
  • The red lights cameras can be helpful in catching those people who illegally run red lights.
  • Collision prone areas or intersections can avoid inevitable accidents by installing red-light cameras.
  • These cameras are able to take photographs of those vehicles that run through red lights, so tickets can be issued later.
  • The in-ground-sensors of red light cameras are capable of identifying cars that violate red-light traffic rules.
  • Some red-light cameras can even capture videos when the traffic rules are violated. So, also, if someone breaks the traffic rules of the speed limit, they can be easily traced.
  • Installing red light cameras have given excellent result in case of driver’s behavior.
  • If the red light cameras work properly, then the traffic police department can work with less manpower.
  • Sometimes, pedestrians face problems while crossing the road. This can happen when a car is wrongly parked. The cameras capture such offenses as images or as videos.

Indeed, red light cameras are not physically helping to prevent collisions. However, as mentioned earlier, drivers’ behavior actually gets changed when they are aware of red light cameras.

Some people also think that the wrong tickets can get issued because of these cameras. However, it is not valid, as traffic personnel monitors and verifies the images or videos before issuing tickets.

Violating red lights doesn’t only put the driver at risk; it puts everyone else on the road. Paying for the tickets can be pretty expensive. It is beneficial for everyone to follow speed limits as well as slow down for yellow lights.

Speeding up is never a solution.


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