Reality of Bedroom Insecurities

One of the most common insecurities among men is that of the size of their manhood, even though recent studies have shown that the average penis size is approximately 5.2 inches in length, with an average circumference of about 4.6 inches.

The circumference is also known as girth or the thickness of the penis. Men that tend to feel very insecure despite the information on the average penis.

The inaccurate image has been created by the mainstream media in regards to masculinity and the size of a man’s penis is usually the opposite of what studies and reality shows.

A normal sized man, for example, is rarely seen in porn, unless you would look up the exact terms or phrases like: ‘little penis’ or ‘amateur porn’. Also, they believe that a larger penis is better when it comes to sexual pleasure.

This of course for some might be true but the truth is that many women and men don’t have any issues when it comes to being satisfied by a normal sized penis.

This type of insecurity often runs deep and could prevent a man from having a healthy sex life. To solve the problem some men, tend to go for the much more external way of solving their issues by looking to enlarge their penis.

The tangible solution?

Adding a few inches alone can really boost a man’s confidence and with that boost give him the sex drive and libido he has been longing for. How can a man add inches to his penis? Anyone who has watched a porn movie or two online has seen the advertisements on the sites.

Penis enlargement! Penis enlargement is any method aimed at enlarging the size of the penis. There are techniques that aim to increase the length, others the shaft’s girth, and yet others the glans size. Techniques include pills, hormones, massage, implants etc.

There are many ways to ‘enlarge’ your manhood but the most common, dangerous and impractical ones will be listed here. It is important to actually realize that penis enlargement is very controversial topic.

It not only depends on who you are as a person and how big or small you might actually be, but it also depends on the person or people you might be getting intimate with.

It is important to talk to him, her or them before you might even consider taking the radical step of adding inches to your friend downstairs. Might be so that the change is not even needed.

Furthermore, it is very important to note that none of these methods have actually been accurately tested and proven to be effective. Some methods might even be risky and dangerous. So without further ado here go a few of the most widely promoted penis enlargement methods.


This method involves doing exercises that will supposedly enlarge, strengthen and stimulate the penis when fully erect. There are different ways of exercising the penis according to some sources it is said that the penis cannot be exercised for it is not a muscle capable of growth by exercise.

The exercise usually takes up to 25-20 minutes daily and it is said that the results can be seen in approximately one month.


As strange as it may sound it can be said that eating the right certain types of food could actually be beneficial for your penis. These types of food have certain properties are beneficial for your blood circulation.

A few great examples are the nitrates in leafy greens and beets, flavonoids in dark chocolate. Pistachios are packed with protein, oysters and other shellfish contain a great amount of zinc not to forget the amazingly great antioxidants in watermelon and most of all the lycopene in pink grapefruit and tomatoes.

They actually have the ability to help the circulation of the blood go to the farthest reaches of the body. So adapting your diet to fit your needs is a great and safe way of helping to get those few extra inches.

Pills and supplements

Pills and supplements are also a common penis enlargement method of advertising usually the advertisements give a quite convincing explanation as to how these wonder pills could help you acquire 3-5 extra inches.

The sad truth is that none of these pills actually work. Especially those sold online from an unknown source. The usually have herbs, hormones and other unknown substances that might be dangerous for you.

The safest place to get your pills from is always from your GP, and as far as the medical field goes on the topic of penis enlargement a type of pill has not been invented as yet to further stimulate the growth of the penis with a few inches more.

At the end of the day if we look at all the facts it is obvious that an effective way of enlarging one’s penis to the ‘right size’ does not really exist. It is a sad reality that most men are affected by the depiction of what they believe is the right size penis.

And their own depiction stems from what society paints as the right penis. So it is important for men to accurately start pursuing the right image of the ’right size’.