Ray Blancos’ “Apple-Fi” Business

Apple-Fi” Business

Until recent months, Ray Blanco has been strongly suggesting that investing in 5G technology would be the key to a successful investment. He was one of the first to draw the attention of the readers to 5G even when people did not know what it was.

Later the whole world was after it. Even CNN had no choice but to say that this is going to be “the lifeblood of the new economy.” And anyone who followed Blanco’s words did increase their revenue substantially.

But his latest recommendation speaks differently.

He’s strongly suggesting his followers not to buy a single 5G share anymore because there’s a new giant emerging that is going to make things upside down.

Never tired of innovative entrepreneurship, Apple has launched a brand new concept of providing internet connection, from their own satellite, with their smartphones that would make the common ISP obsolete.

It’s not only because the phone will have an inherent internet connection but also because the speed will be more than any local ISP could provide. After all, they’ve got their own powerful satellite in space.

“Apple-Fi” investment by BizReviewed has some more detail. You can have a clearer picture of the whole situation there.

What’s the Story?

It all started with ‘Technology Profits Confidential’. Blanco claims that Apple had a new patented technology (dated August 25, 2015) that is literally known as Apple-Fi (as opposed to Wi-Fi) and can be called the ‘5G killer’. The towers, cables, and modems to get access to the internet will be of no use and smartphone users will get instant access to the world wide web.

This report, however, is available only with the purchase of Technology Profits Confidential. The report titled “Apple’s Greatest Breakthrough Yet: Retire Rich On The ‘Apple-Fi’ Revolution.”


Technology Profits Confidential— What is it?

Technology Profits Confidential is a well known advisory service provider that helps its reader with in-depth technological researches. Edited by Blanco it helps the readers decide where to invest as he writes with great insight predicting which company is going to make a huge profit.

Technology Profits Confidential shows consumers the most up-to-date information about the stock market that cannot be found by a general google search and, therefore, is not widely known. This information greatly helps the consumers by showing them opportunities that they can avail of before they reach the masses.

After achieving membership with subscription, the consumers will be able to share the knowledge of the following things—

  • Weekly alerts via emails. These alerts update the details on any company that the editor recommends.
  • Often there are some urgent trading alerts for stock. They promote users to invest in the recommended sectors right away.
  • For those who like to do a detailed and analytical study, there is a members-only website. It has all of the past reports that Blanco Published.
  • Most probably the most important of all is that subscribers will get to know any new research that Blanco publishes.
  • There are members-only phone calls that help them solve their individual personal problems, help make tough decisions, and many more.

Today more than 80,000 readers around the world follow Ray Blanco to win millions of dollars of revenues from ever updated news and research.

What to do with TPC?

All one has to do is visit the official website of the company and follow the instructions. Once he will be asked to choose one from the following three models of subscription:

  1. Value Deal: This is the first model that requires an investment of $79. Here the user is allowed a digital download and print subscription of the report for 12 months. There are other extra bonus offerings as well. They are also equally available with this model.
  2. Premium Subscription: This one needs $129. The subscribers of this model can avail a digital download and print subscription of Technology Profits Confidential. There are also other offers often available with it. This subscription is also valid for one year.
  3. Digital Subscription: The cheapest of all three this subscription will allow the subscribers only to get 12 monthly newsletters published by the Technology Profits Confidential. This one costs an annual $49 USD.

Final Thoughts

The present world is marked by the ever-increasing trend of acquiring information that is further processed, in a wide variety of ways, to achieve the finest and most powerful decision-maker results.

The more information one has the more chance he has to convert it to power— a power that has the capability to reign the whole world. That’s today’s business. That’s the business that thousands of people are doing after Ray Blanco’s instruction.