New Einstein Analytics Features to Allow Conversation with Data


Salesforce has introduced a new addition to Einstein Analytics on 5 March 2018. This new feature allows the artificial intelligence system to understand conversational queries. Now, when we say conversational queries, do not think Siri or Alexa’s level of conversation. This new feature allows Einstein to “understand” basic phrases of queries. This is more like Google’s level of understanding phrase queries back in 2013. The new feature provides all users an automated procedure to build new queries and use data.

The era of “Conversational Queries.”

“Show me the companies that have contributed the most to our revenue” – as phrases will now return instant results. Several variations of such queries will also return results in automatically generated dynamic chart form or table form. According to AmrutaMoktali, the VP of Product for Einstein Analytics, this new feature will enable users to converse with their data with seamless integrity. Einstein will be able to provide actionable insights into company data and more with the questions and query phrases.

If you have used the previous versions of Salesforce and Einstein, you must have seen that creating a chart takes about 12 clicks. It has always served the data managers and experts well, but it did require extensive knowledge about the data to find the actual data they were looking for. The transformation of the same queries into simple language is going to make the process a lot simpler and faster for every common user. Conversational Queries limits this to just one query/question for all registered users.

Einstein to suggest the queries

According to a Salesforce spokesperson, start with one or two words. Just like Google Autocomplete/ suggests, Einstein Analytics will offer suggestions for your query that you can edit or accept. This means that Einstein is now capable of understanding the relevance of a question you are asking concerning your data. You can select from a variety of design options to change the visualization from the Suggested Charts panel. This will allow you to view the data results in any format you want.

Get a visual history of all your queries

Einstein Analytics now keeps a store of all the questions in a visual history format. You can go back to your first query and find the exact terms that triggered the entire search process. It is a visual representation of the conversation you had with your data during the session. Since Einstein Analytics is native to the Salesforce platform, these actions are completely shareable. gives you a detailed look at the new features you can now employ to access and manage your data.

Salesforce on the top

The top tech giants and business conglomerates are calling the introduction of Conversational Queries as a part of Einstein Analytics a revolutionary step for all artificial intelligence and business intelligence trends. Salesforce is taking its game up a notch this year first with their $88 billion market cap and then with new features that will make data access a sweet dream for all business logistics, data management and marketing strategy building teams across the world.

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