New automatic ZF transmission system for heavy commercial vehicles

The transmission system is one of the most important components in the modern day trucks. Getting the right transmission is always important with the advancing technology bringing to the fore some of the best systems including the new automatic ZF transmissions that are intended for use on heavy trucks.

These new transmissions are far much better in terms of performance and break away from the past failures that have been associated with the automatic transmissions.

The new systems aimed is ideal for the 2012 IAA commercial vehicles and comes with an entirely new and essential transmission and standardized unit concepts that make them suitable for commercial vehicles.

The ZF transmissions offer versatile solution for a wide assortment of applications

The new inventive transmission brings together a number of revolutionary applications while at the same time keeping a balance. For example it will impress to know that the ZF transmissions provides a well balanced power to weight proportion while at the same time providing more torque.

The system also has an improved noise quality and an advanced gear spread that allows it to be driven using dry clutch. It also works well with the following standardized unit concepts:

  • Dual clutch module
  • Hybrid module and
  • Torque converter clutch

This innovative ZF transmission system will also work in combination with engine-dependent Power Take Off shafts. The transmission also has a new Pre-Vision GPS shifting that works in a preventative and principally fuel saving mechanism that is made possible through the GPS link and an interface to steering data.

The new ZF transmission has numerous gear options

In addition to the many innovative concepts in the new transmission concept, the new transmission offers two extra reverse gears. This means that the transmission has four reverse gears, which work as extra options for the trucks.

These additional reverse gears help in the enhancement of the reversing process making it quicker and longer especially for special trucks such as those used in the public road construction sites.

The new transmission, normally known as TraXon also comes in a standardized transmission design that allows it to blend the basic transmission with three shift or starting modules thus making the transmission more cost-effective.

Additionally, the new ZF transmission also enables for possible flexibility while increasing the drivers’ comfort with every application.

By using this new and original transmission, the truck users are assured of lower fuel consumption that has been made possible through the reducing the engine speed for the higher gear through the installation of extended rear axle parts.

This brings about an enhanced effectiveness in fuel consumption, unnoticeable gearshifts, and enhanced comfort for the driver.

Inventive functionality through enhanced control software

The ZF transmission also offers a versatile functionality that is made possible through the control software that is part of the system. Although there are various transmission systems in the market, this innovation works perfectly well and its performance is unrivalled by other competitors, something that makes it worth trying.

When purchasing the ZF transmission, it is important to make sure that you get it from a registered dealer, as this will guarantee that you are getting an original system that will offer enhanced performance and long life.