Monitoring Cell Phone Activity of a Child For Free

Influence of tech gadgets is everywhere and you cannot let your children away from this. Most of the parents think that giving smartphones to their children is a type of security for them as you can get in touch with them wherever they are.

But with that, you also need to track what your children do on the internet. As in young age, anybody can mislead them on the internet so it is your duty to aware them and keep checking what they are doing online.

How Can You Monitor Their Cell Phones?

Now when you cannot keep your children away from the smartphone and from the internet, it becomes difficult to keep an eye on their internet uses on a smartphone.

For that problem of parents, some companies have developed some apps that can help you monitor cell phone activity free. These apps are easily accessible. You can download them from the internet. If you don’t know such apps, you can try Snoopza.

This is an Android app that lets you keep an eye on the activities of your children when they use the internet. This is one of the best apps to monitor cell phone activities. To check how it works, you can try snoopza here.

Why Choose Snoopza?

Snoopza works on all Android smartphones that have android version 4.0 and higher. With Snoopza you can track all the activities of any mobile you want.

You can track what type of messages sent or received, to whom your child calls, where he goes, what he downloads, and what he watches online etc. There are many more features in this app that can help you find that your children are using a smartphone the right way or wrong.

The best part of this app is that it cannot be detected and also it is available in multiple languages.

So, using Snoopza to track your children’s online activities is a good idea as you will get all the information to your web account. All the data is sent by the app automatically.

How you can Get and Use this app

This simple step by step guide will help you in how you can use Snoopza:

  • First of all, visit Snoopza website and create an account there
  • Now, you need to download this app. For that, you need the device that you want to track. Get that and sign in to your Snoopza account there. You will find the files to download the Snoopza app there and install in that device
  • That’s it. Now you can log in to your Snoopza account from anywhere and can check what your children are doing on the internet.

Make Sure It Doesn’t Harm Your Relations with Your Children

For every relationship, faith is the most powerful thing and using spying apps can sometimes break that trust.

The reason is everyone wants some privacy and using such apps can be harmful to a parent/children relationship. So, before using any spying apps think first, do you really need it? If yes, then you need to keep it secret and do let them know the actual reason if by any chance they found you are tracking their activities.

It will somehow let them understand that you are right and you care for them.

Also, using cell phone tracking apps is not enough to keep your children away from the cyber-attacks or other things that are not suitable for them. You also need to let them know that there are chances that wrong people can contact them and can manipulate their minds.


In the end, all we can say is, do use a cell phone monitoring app when you have any doubt. And, make sure it doesn’t harm your relationship with them.