Mix of Marketing: 6 Low-cost Promotion Ideas For Small Businesses

One universal goal of most businesses is to market their products and services. It’s usually best achieved by positioning the company in front of their target audience and providing something that answers their problem or that they can’t afford to refuse or find anywhere else.

However, this task is not that easy to accomplish, especially if you just started to run a business. Admittedly, most small businesses don’t have the resources to advertise their products on TV, newspapers, or radio ads.

But there indeed are numerous ways one can promote a small business. Using the right combination of activities, you can determine and focus on the best marketing technique for your small business. Take a look at some low-cost marketing ideas below that can effectively promote your business.

Create an Effective Website

Every business in any size needs an active website. On that note, your business information should be apparent to achieve an efficient site. Also, your web visitors should be able to find some info about your location, operation hours, as well as your contact information quickly.

Moreover, your site should have at least necessary information regarding your products or services and testimonials from your satisfied customers.

On the other hand, when consumers search for your business or looking for the same products or service in your area, your page should come up among the results. In this case, SEO can help you the chances of your page to show up on the search results.

Printed Flyers and Stickers

Creating your flyer or stickers to advertise your business is a straightforward, inexpensive, and a great way to generate business exposure. To make your brochure or stickers a useful advertising tool, offer discounts or incentives to people who can bring in your flyer.

Besides, it can also give you a casual way to track the number of people that are coming in because they noticed your flyer. To help you with this campaign, you can visit cheap sticker printing uk and other printing sites online for some deals you can afford.

Get Active on Social Media Platforms

In our generation, almost everyone has a social media account, and so your business should be too. You can reach a broad range of audience using social media sites, and advertising on this platform is such an excellent idea. It will indeed get your business in front of potential customers.

What’s more, some social media platforms let users give comments and reviews on business pages and encourage customers to submit feedback on your profiles. Then, when prospective customers come across your pages, they will see the positive effects from other customers, offering them a good impression towards your company.

Further, you can post content that encourages customers to buy from your business. Thus, you can post your photos of new products, online contests,  coupon codes to increase your reach of audience.

Implement Cross-Promotion

Cross-promotion involves forming an alliance with other businesses and combining your resources to promote both of your products or services. As a joint venture, cross-promotion is an excellent way to lengthen your reach.

For instance, if you send out leaflets, you could include brochures or business card of your allied business who agrees to do the same for you. It will give you a higher chance to reach a new pool of prospective customers.

After all, this method should considerably cut down the expense of your business promotion instead of allowing each company to use promotion strategy that is too costly to implement alone.

Get Listed On Directories Online

There are a lot of reputable business directories and sites online, and you should make sure that you list your business in them. Examples of those are Google and Yahoo which offer business listings, as well as TripAdvisor, Yelp, and many more.

These listings are mostly for free, and you might be amazed by their value. In addition to that, many of these web pages appear on top results on search engines. Consequently, people searching for your business will quickly find these links as they’re among the first page of the search results.

Plus, you can get a higher chance of gaining traffic, and prospective customers from those who are visiting these sites looking for products or services are similar to yours.

Interact On Online Communities

Regardless of the niche of your business or industry might be, the chances are high that there are lots of related communities online that you can get involved. From social media groups to forums and more, these online communities can offer you many opportunities to promote your business.

When communicating with others in these communities, it’s essential that you contribute helpful information and passively promote your product or service. You can post a link to your website while interacting, mentioning your business if only there is an appropriate context.


The possibility of promoting your products or service can be overwhelming, mainly if you’re a small business with limited resources. The good news is that advertising doesn’t have to cost you a significant amount of budget.

Hence, consider those practices listed and pick the right mix of marketing techniques to spread information about your business across your community.