How To Make Safe Your Travel

Safe Travel

Traveling can be both exciting and risky at the same time and especially depending with your preparedness.

It is common to hear of tourists who have either fallen into the hands of thieves or common and this is normally the case for the unwary tourists.

It is not hard to pick out a tourist from the crowd and this normally becomes a major reason as to why many have fallen prey to criminals and other people who might be out to exploit the situation.

However, you can enjoy the safety by considering these 10 travel safety tips:

  • Do not publicize your travel details unnecessarily. You should only share your travel details with those close to you such as relatives and friends for the purposes of knowing where you are and what is happening.
  • Do not adorn expensive jewelry and clothes. Normally, thieves target people who have or who seem to have something they can benefit from. For this reason, you should keep your dressing simple and avoid carrying expensive jewelry with you on your itinerary.
  • Do not carry your original documents around the streets. It is always advisable that documents that you might need for security purposes should be photocopied instead of having the originals wherever you go. Your passport, credit cards and driver’s license should be stored in a secure safe and probably in your hotel.
  • Do not leave your luggage lying around unnecessarily. Instead, always make sure that your bags are with you everywhere you go and if possible hold them next to you until you are through with the chicken.
  • Avoid dark arrays and streets. When moving around in your destination city, it is important to keep away from the dark and poorly lit streets. This will help avoid unnecessary corrosion with thugs and street urchin who might pose some danger to you.
  • Do not accept foods and drinks from strangers no matter how thirsty or hungry you might be. This will help avoid the common cases of drugging which normally precede robberies and rape cases. Carry your own drinks and don’t leave them behind when going to the washroom or elsewhere unless you are leaving them in the safe hands of your friends or trusted tour guides.
  • Only board taxis from designated areas and avoid any that is unmarked. This will enhance your safety measures and help.
  • Move in groups rather than doing it alone. This is especially important during sightseeing excursions and where there might be no high population of locals or other travelers.
  •  Negotiate your taxi fees or bus fare prior to the commencement of your trip and only pay upon arrival to your destination.
  • Do not rent a car from a company that is not licensed or registered for this kind of business. You should also keep your receipts intact until you are ready for departure from the country or region you are visiting.

These and other safety tips will help you enjoy your vacation while at the same time reducing the chances of falling into the hands of dangerous people.

Always seek to understand your travel destination well and have a number that you can call in case of an emergency. This includes your hotel and police department and makes a checklist of gear you need to travel.