Is a Portable Air Conditioner Worthy of Buying?

Do you find yourself wondering if portable air conditioners are worthy of buying? This question is very common because most articles talk mostly about window-mounted air conditioning and central air conditioning systems. However, to get the best answer, you need to know your needs and how the portable conditioner air system functions. This article will major on the different needs that portable air conditioners meet and drawbacks.

Why is it worth buying

1.Help you cut down electricity bills.

In as much as cool air is a need, it’s quite expensive to generate. However, portable air conditioners will assist you in reducing significant amounts of electricity bills. As compared to bills you incur using central air conditioners. You can cool that specific room you want while maintaining the central air conditioner off or on the high-temperature setting. Thus you still need to buy a portable conditioner even if you have a central air conditioner.

2. Portable and Flexible

These are portable, and you can use them to cool that spot you want at a specific time, makes them unique. Some of them have wheels enabling you to move them with ease around rooms at home. Thus Portable Air Conditioners give flexibility on where you can install them. 

3. Remotely Controlled

The current models enable you to use your smartphone or tablet mobile apps to do remote controls connected to Wi-Fi. The features are very convenient, and the apps are fantastic. Some trending brands enable voice control through Apple Homekit and Google Home, among others. You can buy portable aircon online from Novita eStore to enjoy the benefits.

4. Easy to install

You don’t need any assistance installing like with other air conditioners. Take it from the box and plug it on. No tools will be used, meaning installation is quick and also not permanent. Furthermore, you don’t have to lift them to place them on the window. And to set them up, you hardly need to make any changes to room set-ups. 

5.Do not need windows

No window needs to be dedicated to this set; that is a plus if you have a single or no window. You might also want to open and let fresh air in at times and have access to natural light. They are self –contained units; you can set them anywhere in your home. 

6. Little to no maintenance is required.

Most portable air conditioners are self-evaporative. Meaning no day to day maintenance is needed. It is eliminating the hassles of those draining process and requirements. It’s a hassle-free appliance. 

7. Preserve neighborhood aesthetics.

Some apartments are very restrictive on what’s to be done with exterior outlook. Unpleasant window units can be disapproved. This is very common in those historic communities that want to uphold a neighborhood feel. In such setups, a Portable air conditioner is what you will need.

8. It can serve as a backup plan.

In those climates where it can get extremely hot, you don’t want to risk getting the discomfort and effects that come with it. In case the regular air conditioner fails or breaks down and repairs take ages to happen. With a portable air conditioner on standby, you can easily plug it on and spare yourself from the heat.

In as much as portable air conditioners are a good deal, they also come in with some drawbacks you have to be aware of in order to get the maximum benefits from them.

Some drawbacks

1.Can fail to meet the need.

There is a need to match the air conditioner size with your home size. For instance, a single air conditioning cannot give the whole house adequate cooling. Buying an undersized air conditioner comes with high financial costs and has to be kept running. And you might still find yourself not satisfied at the end of the day.

2. Challenges buying the proper unit size 

You need to know the square footage; the air conditioner will efficiently cool. Know your room size and identify your needed British Thermal Units before buying. Coverages vary depending on the conditioner type. Bigger rooms will require an air conditioner that has high British Thermal Units and vice versa. Failure to pick the right one will result in inefficiency. 

3. It can be noisy

Among all air conditioning systems, this is the noisiest. It is producing a noise of 70db similar to that of vacuum cleaners. The running parts of the air conditioner are all cited in one room. The noise can be disruptive, especially when you want to concentrate. However, given this drawback, you resort to slowing down your fan speed by adjusting the air conditioning settings. 

To sum up

The answer to the question is very subjective. Moreso Air conditioners can well complement each other. Thus portable air conditioners can still be needed regardless you already own a different type. With designs being highly modified to make them suit the many varying personal needs on the market.