How To Pick The Best French Press Coffee Maker

Are you interested in purchasing a French Press coffee maker, but wondering which product to pick? You are right. If you want the best-tasting coffee, then you have no option but look for a quality French press coffee maker. With the many French press coffee makers, you may find it difficult to locate the best coffee machine.

You do not have to be an expert to select the best coffee maker. With the relevant information, you can make a good selection and get a machine that produces great tasting coffee.  In this post, I will cover some of the most important considerations that you should have in mind when you are buying the best French press coffee maker.

Advantages of French press coffee maker

Are you wondering what is so amazing about the French press coffee makers that make almost the whole world like them?  These machines are very special kind of coffee makers that will ensure you enjoy the whole of your stay with it. Take a look at the following special features of the French press coffee makers that win the heart of many.

1. The Machine Is Simple To Operate

This is so amazing! Of course, nobody wants to comply with what makes their life complicated.  The coffee press does not come with complicated features that can give you a hard time to learn about and get familiar with. The machine is as simple as having only the lid and the container which makes it even simpler for children to operate.

2. The Coffee Plunger Is Portable

Do you like camping activities? Are you a mountain climber and you feel like you are going to miss your coffee when you are on the go? Don’t worry. The best French coffee makers are also designed in a special way to fit traveling purposes. To achieve this, the coffee press is modeled with a strong plastic cylinder in the pace of glass. This makes it very light to carry along with you to any place.

3. It Brews Coffee With Special Taste

Try a French press coffee maker and you will give the happiest living testimony ever. Research and the users of this machine testify that it is a unique sweet taste coffee maker compared to any other machine. This feature has made the coffee press more famous over the years as find its coffee taste inevitable. You can give it a try and I promise you will not look for any other coffee maker.

4. Its Coffee Is Healthier

Are you surprised how this is achieved? The coffee press uses a plunger instead of a filter. This enables you to squeeze your coffee seeds making them release oil that mixes up in the warm water in the container. Consequently, the antioxidants and the nutrients make up your sweet healthy coffee.

5. You Can Control The Brewing Temperature

This is quite special. In this case, you have all your preferences at your fingers. You will decide the temperature of your water for your coffee taste.

6. It Is Easy To Store

Are you worried about the little space left in your kitchen? No worries. French press makers have only a lid and the container which makes it take little space.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best French Press Coffee Maker

1. Capacity

This mostly depends on the number of people you would like to serve with the coffee press. If you have a larger number of people to serve, you will go for the larger capacity French press coffee maker unlike when you have a smaller number. Furthermore, the French press coffee makers are designed in different sizes and capacities to fit the varieties of your choices. For example, they come in a 12 cup capacity, 3 cup capacity and 8 cup capacity.

2. The ability to clean

Surely, who will need what give them a hard time? A best French press coffee maker should be easy to clean. The coffee press is made in different parts that are easy to separate. This will enable you to separate wash the different parts with a lot of ease in your hot water with soap and with a lot of ease as compared to any other best coffee maker. Otherwise, if you have your dishwasher you can as well use it.

3. Warranty of the coffee press

I hope we are of the same opinion that draws against the money wastage. Why go for a product that has no defined warranty? Before you purchase your best coffee press, confirm that the model you are going for has a good warranty period. Warranty period differs from one model to another. You are advised to go for the models that have a good warranty which will enable you to claim for its service in case it develops some complexities.

4. Size of the coffee press

Just like with the capacity, the French press coffee makers also come in different sizes. The size of your choice will be guided by how you plan to use the coffee press. If you carry out activities that involve much of traveling, you will need the smaller sized coffee press that is more portable as opposed to when you are house based and again the number of people you want to serve will guide you to either choose a small-sized or large-sized coffee press.

5. Filter type

This will largely depend on the flavor of coffee you want. The coffee press comes with variations of filtration levels. When choosing any model, you have to bear in mind that the French press coffee maker is designed with permanent filters which are unlike any other coffee maker, so you have to be careful on your choice.

6. Materials the coffee press is made of

This is very important. Before you make your choice, have in mind that coffee press consists of three important parts which include; the plunger, carafe and the lid. The plunger has a filter which is either made of metal or plastic, plunger and handle. Carafe, on the other hand, is either made of plastic, stainless steel or glass. The lid should be designed in such a way that it retains heat in the coffee press.

7. The cost

This is the driving engine among all which you have to consider first. It is evident that expensive products seem to be more durable and strong. Generally, French press coffee makers are less expensive than other coffee makers. This will again largely depend on the how much cash you have at the moment.

8. Temperature control

In choosing the best French press coffee maker, check its temperature management. This feature will allow you to brew the coffee taste that you will inevitably enjoy since this will enable you to regulate the temperature of your brewing.

9. Dishwasher safe

Do you want to make your cleaning service easier? The dishwasher is another feature that you have to consider before buying your coffee press. It is featured that will enable you to spend less energy and very little time in cleaning the coffee press. This will enable you to save much time for other important activities.

10. The Ultimate French Press Technique

11. Ease of use

Do you want machines that will give you hard time to operate or what takes you a lifetime of lessons whenever you want to use them? Of course, this will be cumbersome. The problem can be avoided. Before you purchase the French press coffee maker, ensure you are contented with how to operate it and if its operation will give you an easy time. Generally, the French press coffee makers make simple to operate to make you enjoy your moments.

12. The coffee press handles

This is a very important factor that you will have to consider. You have to know that not every coffee maker has a strong handle. This will help you avoid the disappointment of the handle breaking in your hand and screws up everything when you are in the process of making your own coffee or for a group, only to be disappointed that there is no coffee anymore. Have you ever imagined that situation? How does it feel? Avoid all these by being keen enough before purchasing your French press coffee maker.

What are some of the health benefits of French Press Coffee?

Are you wondering why we are stressing on the use of French press coffee maker? It is because we have seen its life-saving capabilities that we cannot manage to keep us. We care for your life too. Take a look at some of these benefits to living an enjoyable life.

1. Save from the risk of heart diseases

Coffee made from French press coffee maker contains the high amount of caffeine as a result of how the coffee press brews the coffee. The caffeine which, apart from keeping you awake, has a greater effect in reducing risks of heart diseases. Research shows that people of 65 years and above who are lovers of coffee are less prone to heart diseases due to the caffeine in their blood. This makes them strong from these diseases which have been the threat to the old people.

2. It protects against inflammatory organisms

Other than heart diseases, having caffeine consumption protects your body against some health hazardous organisms. This is made possible because caffeine elements in the French press coffee have a reduced effect on the genes that are majorly responsible for the stimulation of the inflammation in your body.

3. It reduces mental risks

Mental deterioration has been largely experienced and largely known to the mostly the elderly. Do you want still ignorantly want to fall into this trap when you know the cure? Caffeine consumption has been known to keep the mental activities steady even at the old age of your life by reducing mental risks. This will enable you to have a clear and sharp memory even at your older age.

4. Protection of the neural synapses

This is so fantastic! The study shows that the French press coffee contains substances like lipophilic antioxidants and acid lactones that are greatly known to strengthen the cells of the neuron. Just imagine how healthy your mind will be when you double the consumption of the coffee brewed with the French press coffee maker. The coffee press still remains the best coffee maker ever.

5. Lowers cancer risks

Other than the lipophilic antioxidants and the acid lactones, the caffeinated drinks are proved to contain the Methylpyridinuim substance. This substance greater mental health by reducing risks of cancer levels in our body. Such cancers may include; esophageal, oral and pharyngeal cancer. Take a chance to save your life by taking life-protecting beverages.

6. Improves information processing

Have you ever wondered why people make it a constant routine of taking coffee in the morning hours before any activity? Here you have the answer with you. The coffee act as a mind stimulant for information processing and thinking ability due to caffeine substance it contains. The caffeine can only be maximally obtained by brewing your coffee using the French press coffee maker.

7. Body freshness

Generally, coffee is known for its relieving effect in the body because of the caffeine substance in it. It enhances the free flow of blood in the nerves of the body since it helps to relax the body veins and the arteries. Enjoy the freshness of having coffee from a French press coffee maker.

Make the Perfect French Press Coffee

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Final Words

It is very important to cautious before making your mind to invest in something. This will enable your accountability in your investments. You have to keenly examine the qualities of the product you want to purchase. Check whether they are worth what you desire.

Additionally, you should have in mind the benefits of what you want to purchase to your own life. Do you just buy it because it is popular? Buy what help you monitor your health like the French press coffee maker.

These are the reasons why we had to come in to see you through the selection of the best French press coffee maker by giving you an elaborate guide.

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