How to Pass a Urine, Hair, Blood and Mouth Swab Drug Test

Drug tests can be announced nowadays on short notice.

If you need to pass one, keep in mind that classic ways in faking a test will not work due to the advances in technology.

Drug tests are not an issue if you don’t intake substances. However, some people take drugs for recreation or as a way of life. If you are one of the people who use drugs due to a medical condition or in order to be better functional, then you have to stop substance intake when you know that drug tests will be administered soon. To know more about drug tests, you can click this link here.

Timeframes of Drug Detection

For occasional users, marijuana can be 3 days after last use. If you are a chronic heavy user, urine tests you know positive results of up to more than 30 days after last use.

Occasional can be defined as the use of marijuana 3x a week. Chronic heavy users use you can than 3x a day. Cannabis is fat-soluble and they bind with the fats insideyour body. This means that you will have difficulty flushing it out of yoursystem.

Barbiturates can be detected 6 weeks after lastuse. Ecstasy can be detected after 2 days, cocaine up to 22 days and heroin usecan come out as positive after 1-2 days after last use.

Note that there are alot of other drugs and the detection timeframes vary.

Ways of Drug Testing

Note that there are several ways of drug testing. You can be tested through urine, hair, saliva, or blood samples.

Urine tests are the most common and the easiest to tamper with from all the other drug tests. You can produce a sample of your urine in a private room but you can also do otherwise provided you are not being watched.

Hair tests are the most difficult to fake. Some laboratories require 120 strands of hair samples to be tested. Hair tests can show positive results even after 90 days of use especially if you are a chronic user.

A saliva test is a non-invasive way of testing for drug use. It is not as sensitive as blood tests and it is administered to determine if you have used any kind of substances in the last 24 hours.

Blood tests can be difficult to fake and pass if you recently used drugs. Blood tests are very effective ways of discovering how much substance is really present in your system.

However, it can come out as a negative if you haven’t used drugs for weeks.

A Way Out

Fortunately, there are a lot of things that you can do to detoxify your body from drugs. When it comes to urine tests, there are a lot of detox tablets that can get rid of toxins in your body in no time. There are 5-day and 10-day detox programs depending on what you need.

There are also drinks and high-fiber tablets that you can use on the testing day in order to pass your test successfully. All you need to do is to go to a website such as which can give you more information about these products.

When it comes to passing your blood tests, you can also get detox pills that are full of minerals, herbs, and vitamins that can get rid of the toxins in no time at all.

These pills can work on your body for as fast as an hour. You can also get a money back guarantee from the manufacturer if you did not pass the drug test. However, if you are good at following instructions and taking the detox pills as specified, there’s no way that you will fail the blood drug test.

Saliva drug tests can be complicated, and it is used to detect about five to six kinds of drugs that are present in your system. You can get a mouthwash that can erase remaining traces of substances in your saliva.

This is a very effective, affordable and convenient way of passing your test. An ounce of this very special formula can take effect within 10 minutes before you take the test.

If you are concerned that you will be taking a drug test by way of blood samples, you don’t have to worry. There are 10-day detox programs that are made up of healthy herbs and minerals that can get rid of the toxins in your blood.

You just have to place your order online and follow the instructions and see the magic work.

You can easily land a job or get your dream promotion by getting products that can help you pass a drug test. You also need to stay healthy before the test. Eat fruits and vegetables, get plenty of sleep, exercise, and stop taking substance intake.