How to Find the Most Comfortable Mattress: Five Easy & Actionable Steps to Follow

You most probably agree with me that finding the most comfortable mattress is no easy task. The contemporary mattress shops present more options than ever before, while department and specialty stores have stopped being the default locations for purchasing a mattress. You can now find great mattresses at reasonable prices at warehouse clubs and via online retailers – and the competition is getting tougher and tougher by the day.

The best latex mattress is a recommended option for people who are susceptible to pressure points as well as those who tend to feel hot when sleeping. Moreover, this mattress choice is made from a green and eco-friendly material that suits those of us who often suffer from allergies. Follow these 5 best tips on how to find the most comfortable mattress.

Know Your Size

You don’t necessarily need to buy a replacement mattress whose size precisely reflects that of the old one. For instance, maybe you bought a king-sized bed at a time when most of the family members were kids. But now, the kids have grown older and you are good to downsize to a queen or full-sized mattress.

Consider your day-to-day lifestyle when you head out to shop for a comfortable mattress as a futon mattress. Of course, switching to a different mattress size will oblige you to get a new best bed in a box or a new headboard.

Mattress Firmness

Mattress firmness contributes significantly to a good night’s sleep. The mattress industry has no standardized measurement for mattress firmness. What one company considers as “best firm mattress” could be another manufacturer’s “extra firm”.

There are a few descriptions you can use for guidance. Most manufacturers use verbal descriptions to rank the firmness of their mattresses. Some manufacturers describe it as soft, medium, and firm while others use an elaborate 10-point rating, such as 3-5 to indicate a soft mattress, 6-7 medium, and 7.5-10 a firm mattress.

Try It Before You Buy

I understand this might sound awkward, but yes, it is extremely important to lie down on it before you decide to toss down your credit card. Apparently, there’s no way you can ignore this step and end up getting a comfy mattress.

To get the most comfortable mattress, lie down on it and stretch out fully to determine whether or not it is suitable for you. Make sure to curl up in your preferred sleeping position, sit up, and roll from edge to edge to get the exact feel for firmness. Ideally, spend at least ten minutes giving each mattress a try before you finally land on the most comfortable one.

Consider Trial Periods & Returns Policy

You have to ask about the trial periods and returns policy. Even though you gave the mattress a try in the store, the actual test occurs after a few nights—which can take a week or month. You will know its flaws after you’ve spent a few days sleeping on it.

For that reason, go for mattress dealers who offer what we called a “comfort trial” period. This period is usually around one month. It is a window in which you can return the item back to the store if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Budget Generously

A truly comfortable mattress isn’t cheap considering a positive mood and good health are equally priceless. While buying what you can afford is typically a good practice, you might want to splurge a little to get a perfect mattress.

Keep in mind that you are going to spend your nights on that mattress. So, it is worth making those hours count. Cut back on unnecessary expenses (at least for a little while) and budget generously for a comfortable mattress.