How To Choose the Right Walk-In Shower Enclosure?


Walking in the showers has become a very common choice for those renovating the bathroom, which doesn’t come as a major surprise as most people tend to get a shower instead of a bath. We have a more active lifestyle than ever before, and a stroll in a tub or a wet room provides a trendy and functional shower option for all age ranges, from young adults to the aged, as well as those with reduced mobility.

So, if you’re designing a new bath and considering if you’re planning to install a walk-in shower enclosure our important guide can teach you what you need to know – from how much you can afford to pay, to the various styles of walk-in showers and so much more that will potentially help make a better choice.

There’s no door to a walk-in shower, which enables you to just walk in. Usually, this form of shower solution involves a wet room panel and a low-profile shower tray. One end of the tub is exposed to the space and can be used to dry, whilst the other end is the bathroom area with a glass cover. Walk in the showers helps you to build the look and sound of a wet space, but without any related costs.

Here are some of the things you have to take care when choosing a walk-in shower enclosure.

Size Of The Room

What size of space is this bathroom going to have? If you have a big bathroom, it may not be too much of a concern. However, if your shower is on the smaller side, you ought to consider deeply about the space. A walk-in shower might be a nice choice here, but you need to ensure it doesn’t take up too much of the floor area.

One of the strong reasons for investing in a walk-in shower maybe because of its capacity to fit into a small room. The glass walls of a walk-in shower enclosure can easily be removed against a tiled backdrop, and this, combined with any creative positioning of mirrors, can make a simple bathroom appear much larger than it is.

Shape Of The Enclosure

You can purchase walk-in shower enclosures in several different forms, so it’s important to choose the one that’s perfect for you. Take the opportunity to consider any of the various shapes you can pick from.

One of the most major aspects of shower walking has a rectangular frame. This is extremely practical as it can be positioned against any wall with a corresponding shower enclosure that encapsulates it. You will also find molded trays, such as those in a P-shape, that help bring a little more shape and beauty to the bathroom if you choose. No matter what theme you have in mind, there’s going to be a lovely shower enclosure out there that might complement it.


Luckily, walking in the shower enclosures is one of the most affordable shower types you can indulge in. If you are looking for a bathroom design that is more economical than most, you should certainly consider investing in a walk-in tub.

In comparison to the device of the enclosure and the tray, the main expense of this sort of shower will be from the fittings and tiles. By reusing the original shower unit and merely updating the enclosure, you could also find that this upgrade is much more economical than you would have expected.


Are you contemplating installing a new glass window, walk-in shower enclosure in your washroom? It could prove to be one of the biggest choices you can make in your house. If you’re absolutely renovating your bathroom or just swapping a bath for a chic stroll in the tub, you’ll be sure to find anything you need at B&L glass.

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