Growing Role of Mobile Technology in Online Shopping


Thanks to the advancement of mobile technology, more and more of us are doing most of our internet browsing via a smartphone. The same can be said for our penchant for online shopping.

If you sell goods online you must ensure your site is mobile friendly. While some companies go all out and create apps, it isn’t necessary to do so if you are optimized for mobile use.

This presents significant cost savings for small businesses who can’t afford to venture into the world of apps. So, how is mobile technology changing online shopping habits?

The Power of Mobile Technology

Mobile technology cannot be overlooked by retailers. Look, it isn’t just related to online shopping. Shoppers hop online to read reviews of restaurants and bars, check in with retailers to check prices as well as product availability.

There’s no longer a need for customers to wholly rely on advertising in-store or sales pitches. The internet holds the key to… well, everything. It offers massive budget savings and discount codes.

The popularity of online shopping has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for small business owners everywhere. They no longer need a brick and mortar shop to house their goods, it’s as simple as creating a website and putting your available stock up for shoppers to peruse.

So, the overheads are much lower for those just starting out. This is driving a drop in prices on popular goods because these retailers have lower outgoings.

One of the greatest things about mobile shopping, though, is that you can do it on your break at work, sitting on the train, in the back seat of your ride-share or walking to a bus. Shoppers are more interested in typing their questions into a browser than speaking to a physical person.

Room For Everyone

It isn’t about replacing sales staff and shutting down physical stores. It’s merely about adapting to the changes that technology has brought. The retailers that will stand the test of time are those that got in on the online action ahead of the curve.

It isn’t too late for others to jump aboard, but it’s important to do it fast and get it right. It’s affecting everything from ordering takeout to ordering groceries.

Online shopping is just the new future and the easiest and most effective way to do it on a mobile device. It means that customers can shop, no matter where they are, at any time of day, and still rest easy knowing they are getting a great shopping experience.

In fact, many customers use their mobile to do a bit of research before they visit a brick and mortar store to make their purchase. So, don’t underestimate the power of a mobile-friendly website that makes browsing easy.

Most customers want to get the best price possible so they will carry out a bit of price comparison before they make their purchase. Shoppers are getting smarter, which means that business owners have to do the same.

In the last holiday shopping season, over a third of purchases were made via a mobile device.

No business can afford to overlook the growing role of mobile technology in online shopping. So, is your store mobile friendly? Have you optimized it for tablet use as well? This isn’t something to wait for, it’s something you should be doing right now.

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