Give Your Home Positive Energy By Using Feng Shui

We consider our home to be our refuge, our safe harbor.

Which is why we tend to arrange it according to our personal desires and preferences.

However, if your home still doesn’t provide you with calmness and positive energy, then it is the hard time to think about ancient Chinese Feng Shui philosophy It is a technique of arranging our living space by capturing positive and getting rid of negative energy.

The translation of Feng Shui is “wind water” – while the wind is considered to spread energy, water is considered to keep it.

Therefore, learn some basic Feng Shui tricks to attract positive life energy Chi. It will bring you better health, wealth and relationships and help you achieve all your goals.

Pay attention to the front door

The front door is known as the Mouth of Chi because it is believed that our house gets nourished with energy through it. Since front door gives the first impression of the home, it is supposed to simply invite the auspicious Chi energy.

Bearing this in mind, opt for a strong and enchanting door. According to Feng Shui, it should open inwards in order to welcome the positive energy. Likewise, the front door is a symbol of wealth. So, you should consider placing pots with plants on each side of the door as well as light lamps.

Keep your hallway tidy

As it’s already said, Chi energy comes into our homes through the front door and its path shouldn’t be blocked by any kind of obstacle. Chaos negatively affects the amount of auspicious energy which further influences both health and success.

For this reason, you should declutter all the mess from the hallway in order to help energy circulate.  Instead of leaving coats hanging on the walls and shoes scattered on the floor, keep them inside the closed closet.

If you want to boost the beneficial energy, put the mirror and fill the hallway with fresh flowers.

Arrange the furniture properly

Feng Shui rule related to the living room furniture says that its dimensions shouldn’t be disproportional to the room. The back of the type of furniture intended for seating, such as chairs and sofas, shouldn’t be turned towards the entrance door.

According to Feng Shui believes it can be responsible for the coming of unwanted guests. For better support, place the sofa up to the wall. Also, trigger the wealth energy by placing the lamp in the corner of the living room which is diagonally opposite the entrance door.

Take care of the energy in the kitchen

Since the kitchen is the place where we prepare our food, it can be said that it needs a special attention. Good energy in the kitchen means good energy in meals.

Therefore, make your kitchen harmonious place for nourishment. Keep it simple and decluttered. Place the pot with a plant, or bowl with fruits, or vase with flowers on the kitchen table for extra good energy.

Apart from nourishment, the kitchen also represents the harmony between the occupants.

Feng Shui rule says that stove and sink positioned against the opposite walls imply the clash between water and fire which indicates the arguments between partners. For the same reason, red and black colors should be avoided when it comes to kitchen décor.

Feng Shui in your bedroom

When it comes to the Feng Shui arrangement of the bedroom, the most important thing is color. It should be light and neutral in order to provide good night’s sleep.

Your bed must include a headboard and it should be placed against the wall. For better support, put night tables on each side of the bed. Invite the romantic energy by incorporating lamps and candles.

Nourish the outside Chi

No matter how hard you try to invite the positive energy to your home, it wouldn’t pay off unless you create a good Feng Shui outside your house. It is said that the front yard stands for future, while the backyard stands for health and wealth.

So, fill your garden with flowers and plants and keep it tidy. In order to take care of them properly, consider installing watering solutions helpful for garden maintaining.

However, a tree shouldn’t be planted in front of the window or main front door since it is believed that it can affect the health of the members of your family.

General Feng Shui tips

It is believed that wealth may be drained if you leave the toilet lid up. So, always make sure you keep the toilet lid down and the bathroom door closed.

Also, include natural plants in your bathroom since they are good at absorbing moisture.

Broken floor or tile is bad for Feng Shui because it influences the development of the negative energy. So, prevent this from happening by repairing it.

If you want to replace the negative energy with a positive one, bring the aquarium to your home. Make sure it’s not too big, and its water should always be clean.

Leaving in a harmony with your environment and letting positive energy freely flow through your home will bring you happiness and prosperity.

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