Fossil Watch: Why Do Active Ladies Need Smart Watches From This Brand?

A fitness conscious person would not only focus on her diet and exercises. She would incorporate everything in her lifestyle that aids her mission and health goals. For women like them, fitness smartwatch proves highly beneficial. However, to become a perfect choice, the smartwatches also need to have stylish looks that are equally functional to match their active lifestyle.

A complete package in this category would be something that comes with extended battery life, heart rate, GPS, stairs, and other types of tracking features, water resistance, and so on. It has to be an accessory that one can wear to workouts also.

Since it is about spending a hundred dollars and above, it makes sense to get the value for money. When you buy a Fossil’s Sport smartwatch, you can expect to enjoy this.

Features that Make the Perfect Sports Wrist Watch

Resistance to water

This element is key for athletes, for example, swimmers or ones who invest energy underwater. A swimmer, alone with his watch can time his laps and endeavor harder without getting out. Thus, divers can clock their time submerged and know when it is time for elevated or low tide.

Nonetheless, watches were named waterproof at first which was a scam. Of late, they have been marked water-resistant, which is valid up to certain broaden, and a watch resistant up to 100 meters depth is good. Besides, with water opposition, you don’t need to take off your watch each time you wash your hands.


Athletes are required to follow strict schedules for clear reasons, and a watch with alarms essentially won’t do. One basically can’t depend on the mobile phone for alarms and alerts since it is massive and requires additional consideration when contrasted with a watch.

Strikingly, there are watches in the Indian market like the Timex Command that accompanies numerous alarms alongside a unique hydration alert. This feature is very helpful as athletes need to remain hydrated just to stay fit, not to mention performing astoundingly well; alerts set on the ideal time intervals are welcome.

Comfortable & sturdy strap

Every one of the individuals who wear watches know the aches of sporting an awkward watch. Sports watches, besides, must be excessively comfortable with the goal that they don’t trouble athletes while associated with strenuous exercises. Likewise, it ought to be sufficiently able to not give out when exposed to pressure or outer power.

Most wrist watch for men or women online accompanies an adjustable strap that fits around the wrist flawlessly. You can search for resin straps that supplement the most robust frames and last for years.

Also, there are some other features like:

  • Display
  • Stopwatch

Features of a Fossil sport smartwatch

These watches usually feature 41mm to 43mm case sizes. The touchscreen display uses AMOLED technology and is quite large. From heart rate to activity levels, the watches can alert you about many things at once. However, the huge display doesn’t tamper with the sleekness of the design. The watches are super light compared to other brands. With your smartwatch, you can keep an eye on your workout and also switch from one app to another through three buttons, all perched on one side.

The watches have silicone straps in bright red, blue, and maroon colors. These vivid hues reflect that you are an active lady on the go. Hence, you can wear any of them to any place and showcase your personality without even using words. The silicone strap on the Fossil watch demonstrates enough resistance to extreme temperatures. Since this material feels light on the skin, you don’t need to remove it when you are exercising. Also, due to its elasticity, the product has fewer chances of deformation.

Anyway, be careful that you don’t stretch the strap too much. Due to less tensile strength, the belt can give up. Overall, its performance is undoubtedly excellent.

Fossil Sport smartwatch models

Since every model can have something different from the other, it is better to read product details for complete knowledge before buying. Some of the choices that can attract your attention include:

  • FTW6052
  • FTW6051
  • FTW4033

Available in two tones, each in combination with white, these smartwatches can catch anybody’s attention quickly for their fashionable, sleek, and animated appearance. Whether you are going to the gym, office, or for a meeting with your friend, you can wear it to any occasion without worries. These watches can never disappoint you. Plus, in the category of sports watches, they are reasonably priced also. Some sellers provide up to two years of warranty too.

No matter where you buy, make sure that the dealer is authorized and sells only authentic products. Those who give the product warranty can be trustworthy. At the same time, you can check their inventory. The variety of products can also stand out as proof of their genuine existence in the market.