Facts to you Should Know About Laser Cellulite Treatment

Plastic surgery centers have many different types of laser cellulite treatments to perform. There are facts that you should know about different types of treatments and this should be done before commencing on any of the procedures involved.

Cellulite management facts with Elaboration

  • Unlike different cellulite reduction treatments, going through a laser cellulitetreatment offers you lasting results. There is likelihood that you will not see the bumpy and ugly appearance for two years although many people normally enjoy the results for one year.
  • The procedure is also effective in dealing with the root cause as it attacks the basic formation issues that are responsible for cellulite formation and these are located beneath the skin. These formation causes include:
    • Non-pliancy and stiffness of the bands of linking tissues located right under the skin and around the fat cell area.
    • Deposits of fat that is pressed under these firm bands pressing against your skin.

Advantages of the Laser Cellulite Treatment

  • The surgery does not take a lot of time and can be performed within 1 to 2 hours.
  • It helps enhance the quality of the skin significantly, helping to increase its thickness by 25% and the suppleness by 29%.
  • Has negligible bruises and scratch marks which are hardly noticeable.
  • Very fast recovery rate which means you can go back to your daily responsibilities within 1 or 2 days following the treatment. A compression garment will however be required for some time after the treatment.

Who should administer the treatment?

The surgery should only be handled by a qualified practitioner who possesses CME web-based course accreditation in addition to other basic qualifications necessary to work as a plastic surgeon.

Additionally, the physician is supposed to have gone through an inclusive training for laser cellulite treatment.

The laser system is versatile and thus able to achieve tremendous success in the patient no matter the size of the region to be treated. The procedure is also ideal for women who are not too obese and those with small or average cellulite accumulation.

This however does not imply that it is effective in case one has a different weight and cellulite buildup condition. Unlike many other surgeries, the procedure is delivered when the patient is wide awake and only an anesthetizing solution or local anesthesia is administered on the target area.

The treatment is modestly invasive and only involves little incision thus minimizing the bleeding. The amount of laser energy to be used and the distribution is determined by ThermaGuide™, a better-quality release system.

This helps prevent any kind of hot spots and irregularities at the end or the procedure. The system also helps enhance tissue tightening capacity.