Essential Items Every Bedroom Must Have

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the home and as such, it should be welcoming and inviting at all times. You should be looking forward to going back to your bed this evening to sleep. Your bedroom should not be an extension of your office or your gym. It means that you should not work in the bedroom or workout in the bedroom.

To have the perfect bedroom, there are certain essential items which should never miss. If you have these items in your bedroom, you will get the level of comfort and convenience you need to enjoy every single moment in the bedroom. Here is a look at our highly recommended items that should be present in every bedroom.

A good bed

The genesis of a good bedroom is a good bed. It is important to invest in a quality bed that will give you the comfort and convenience you need to rest every single night without any stress. The bed should be sturdy and it must not make any noises that every turning on the bed, you get woken up.

Again, it should be big enough to accommodate every person who will be sleeping on it. If you are married, or if your single, be sure to choose a suitable bed for your sleeping needs and any other activity you may desire to have in the bedroom.

A mattress

After choosing a good bed, the next consideration for a comfortable bedroom is a good mattress. The mattress is central to your comfort in the bedroom. Whether you are sleeping or you’re making love with your partner, if the mattress is crappy then the whole experience will also be crappy. The good news is that there are a variety of mattress brands that you can choose from.

You could consider Stearns and Foster or any other brand that has been reviewed to be the best or one that you had used and liked in the past. The key consideration is to simply ensure that you invest in the best mattress you can afford.


The bedroom will never be complete without having several throw pillows. Pillows will help you get the comfort that you need when sleeping at night and they can also act as decorative elements in the bedroom. After you wake up every morning, you can place them nicely on the bed to enhance the beauty and the ambiance of the room.

Additionally, you can also let them just lie around and when you feel like being playful with your partner, then they can become very good toys for your games as adults.

A mirror

Whether you are a man or a woman, the bedroom must have a decent mirror. The simple reason for having a mirror in the bedroom is that people normally like grooming while in the bedroom. It is in the bedroom that you will try different clothes and see how they fit.

As such, it is important to have a nice sized mirror that can show you exactly what you look like every morning before you step out of the house. If you don’t have a mirror in your bedroom, you’ve been missing a lot and it is essential that must never miss in any decent bedroom.

Night Stands

Nightstands are the other essentials that must never miss in any decent bedroom. The nightstands can act as bedside tables that you can use for placing various items such as books, reading glasses, and your night cup amongst others. It can also be a very nice spot to place your night lamp so that you don’t have to struggle with strong lights at night.

If nicely designed, you can add decorations on it to make your bedside look more beautiful and if fitted with drawers, it will increase your storage capabilities in the bedroom.

 Floor to ceiling curtains

It is important to have curtains in your bedroom, but they should not just be any type of curtains. There are various curtain designs that may work with most types of bedrooms, but the ideal ones should be floor-to-ceiling curtains. These types of curtains have a way of adding unique ambiance in the rooms besides doing the purposes for which they were placed – stopping light from getting into the room.

Therefore, if you have some crappy curtains in your bedroom windows, be sure to make an investment in decent long curtains. They will increase the decor and the charm in your bedroom.

A dressing table

Again, this is a universal essential in the bedroom and it doesn’t matter whether the bedroom is being used by a male or a female. Dressing table brings a lot of conveniences when it comes to grooming. For the ladies, it would be difficult to imagine how a complete grooming process can be done without having a dressing table.

It will not just provide you with a surface to do your makeup, but also it will also ensure that you have additional spaces to store your accessories and other things in the bedroom.

For men, though you may not have a lot of use for it, it will come handy when it comes to storing accessories such as rings, necklaces, and watches. If you don’t have now currently, be sure to invest in a decent dressing table to make your bedroom complete.

Something natural, like a plant

At the end of the day, you need the bedroom to relax and sometimes it is good to include something to remind you about life so that you can be more appreciative. Though the majority of the items in the bedroom will be metal and plastic, it is highly recommended that you include something with life, such as a portable plant.

But you don’t have to be restricted to plant alone. So long as it has some form of life, or it ones had life that will just be fine. Depending on your preferences, you can consider installing hardwood flooring or have a small aquarium in the bedroom.