Enhance Your Home Look by Lighting

Stylish furniture, stunning wall art, unique shelves, fresh flowers, decorative pieces etc. is all that we invest in to make our house appear gorgeous but lighting is as important then these items and even more important than some of these.

Lighting is responsible for illumination, for making you see in the dark but moreover it can be used to create accents and effects around the house which will creatively add to a decor.

Plus beautiful fixtures such as chandeliers are available to hold light bulbs and they alone come in stunning varieties and colors for decorative purposes. Lighting can be used for studying, for perfect illumination over the stove and even to spotlight a photo on canvas.

Use Of Lighting For Perfection Of Decor To Enhance The Look Of Your Home

  • Basic KnowledgeBasically of course lighting is for illumination only but there are various types of lights such as ambience, accent, task and aesthetic and they all have their own purposes. Before selecting upon the type of illumination it is necessary to consider the mood you want for the room as well as the function.

    For example if you want a romantic bedroom or subtle living room you would need to install in dim ambient lights for a sensuous effect along with a few accent lights to highlight any gorgeous decorative shelf or a canvas picture. If you are creating a bedroom for a teen which requires studying or simply a study room or even a kitchen a lot of task lighting will be required such as table lamps etc.

  • Natural LightingEverything natural is everything perfect and pure sun rays falling in through your windows provide the perfect illumination. The amount of light can be controlled by the window size and curtain types and openings but its best to let in as much as light as possible because nothing would shine upon your room better.

    Go for sheer curtains to let a large amount of light in without direct glare while when you in the mood for privacy, pulldown darker curtains. Candlelight is also a source of natural light which can give a warm touch to any room.

  • Artificial LightingAny light coming from the use of bulbs is artificial and it serves its purpose in the night as well as day time. A huge variety is available to make you glow from high voltage bulbs to LED lights and even aesthetic glow sticks and neon lights or blinking string lights.

    Artificial lighting can be used for numerous purposes in decor and is available in a high range of colors. For perfect illumination it is standard to go for 200 watts for every 50 sq. ft.