The Best Dynamat Alternatives for Car Soundproofing

Almost everyone has driven an old car. We all remember the phase. Your parents had an old car and a new car and as soon as you passed your driving test the old car becomes yours, and you are as happy as you can be. The sky opens up, now you have a car, and you can finally get driving. But, the vehicle also comes with some baggage. It comes with a few problems, a unique way to drive it, and a lot of noise. You don’t get that with new cars anymore. But, it was a way for all of us to learn how to drive.

And, as we all know, young people make a lot of mistakes. So it’s much better to scratch the old car rather than the new one. The first feeling of going 60 can’t be described. It’s almost always accompanied by music, and that’s where the main thing happens. You can barely hear the music because the car gets too loud. You ask your parents to see if this is normal, and they tell you it’s just how the vehicle works. But, the bad news is, that shouldn’t happen. That’s a prime example of a car that needs to get soundproofed.

What causes the noise?

Many things make a car loud. Going at high speeds makes the engine roar louder. As well as that, your tires may also be old. It mainly depends on the rubber. It can be either soft or hard rubber. And it’s also the road. We all know the feeling when you’ve been driving a long time on a highway, and suddenly the sound changes. Everything gets quieter, and you feel a moment of bliss. You think to yourself how you hadn’t noticed it before. Well, that’s both the tires and the road working together.

Another factor in car noise is the exhaust system. That can be heard pretty instantly. Of course, some people like their exhaust to be loud, and there is no problem with that. But, when it gets over 100 decibels, it becomes a problem. It can cause damage to your ears, and it can also cause long term hearing damage and eventually deafness. Due to these reasons, many people add a silencer for the exhaust.

Finally, we have the construction of the car itself. By that, we mean the insulation. Old cars mostly have this problem. The doorframes and the windows are not adequately insulated, and they let air inside. This can be heard and felt the most at high speeds. If you think a little bit of a crosswind when you are going over 60 miles per hour, that’s a good sign that you need to check the insulation. Here’s some more info:

How to approach insulation problems in a car?

The most popular option on the market has been Dynamat. This is a product that has been used to insulate the interior of cars for quite a long time. The first thing people did was to put it below their floor mats on the first two seats. This significantly reduced the noise coming from outside. After that, an entire science of car soundproofing was born. People were putting Dynamat everywhere. And, the good thing is that it worked.

The main thing why it got so popular was the ease of installation. There is an adhesive on one side, and you stick it where you want. It’s super easy, and it takes about an hour or two to renovate your car completely. Everyone can do it because it’s super straightforward. The only downside to it is that it’s pretty expensive. And, there are a lot of cheaper alternatives that do the same job. But, they do it at half the price.

What are some excellent alternatives to Dynamat?

The good thing about the modern world is online reviews. People who know what they are doing write them and compare products. And, the most popular sites like Amazon have tons of reviews for every product. Currently, Noico is the leader in soundproofing mats for cars. That means that Dynamat is no longer the best thing. The excellent news about Noico is that it has multiple properties. It has sound deadening, soundproofing, and sound-absorbing features. Those make it the leader and rightfully so. And it’s still cheaper than the most known product.

Apart from that, you also have Fatmat, Kilmat, and Hushmat. All of those are pretty cheap, and they do a fantastic job. They have been made with a single purpose, and they are doing it fantastically. You don’t need to go all out when you are making your car quieter, and you also need to experiment. That way, you can see what works and what doesn’t. All of these can help you do it and not break the bank. Click here to read more.

Finally, some factors play a role when soundproofing. The first one is how loud your car is. If it makes a hell of a lot of noise, you can’t expect it to be hushed. The second factor is the parts of the vehicle. If the clunker is being too loud, then you need to change it. No amount of foam will silence it. The same is true for the other parts, such as the engine and the exhaust. As soon as you are sure that everything is working correctly, only then should you turn to the foam.