Five Common Dog Diseases And Their Preventions

Five Common Dog Diseases And Their Preventions

Dogs are an important part of today’s society. They are the first tamed animals used as popular domestic animals. People who keep dogs are very possessive about them and take care of them as their family.

Dogs have been an important existence for the past many years and are used by humans as their companions, protectors, and friends.

Humans have played a prime role in developing dogs that fulfill well-defined societal needs. Dogs have different characteristics, like loyalty, friendship, protectiveness, and affection.

As the dogs are living beings and are flowing in the lifestyle of humans, they are prone to all kinds of illnesses.

In developed countries, the dog-human relationship has great importance, whereas in underdeveloped countries it still has different esteem. So in developed countries, the dogs are treated as the family members and are vaccinated as per the guidelines.

There are some common dog diseases. If dogs are not vaccinated, then they can develop it. These diseases are life-taking, and dogs are just like kids, they are prone to all kinds of life-threatening sickness. We should be aware of all the common symptoms prevailing in dogs so that we can take care of them and keep them with us for a long period.

Let’s shortlist some common dog diseases and their preventions in the discussion below. These diseases can be found in any breed of dog, whether they are a puppy or a grownup animal. These are also prevailing in all the parts of the world and dogs can catch them from places like dog parks, shelters and even vet hospitals.

We should look up for these symptoms in the dogs and should right away address them to the vets. Moreover, you can always look for dog supplies online and get the best products for your best buddies.

Five Common Dog Diseases And Their Preventions

1. Heartworm

Symptoms: coughing, respiratory problems, lethargy, heart disease, and weight loss

Heartworm is a problem in which the heart of the dog is affected with parasites, and they live in the dog’s heart affecting the blood vessels and eventually effecting the lungs of the dog when spread. This disease escalates by mosquitoes and can spread in all types of weather.

The prevention of this disease is eventually antibiotics and steroids. Still, the dog owners can also prevent it by taking care of the dogs, keeping them clean and taking them for regular blood checkups. Dogs can be kept save by regular pills and shots to prevent diseases.

2. Rabies

Symptoms: pain, tingling or burning at the wound, fever, hyperactivity

Rabies is a disease in which a dog develops different wounds on the body and face. This disease escalates by the bite or saliva of an already infected animal having rabies virus in his body. Once this disease escalates, then there is no way back as it leads to the dog’s demise.

This disease is fatal, and there is no cure for it. Moreover, it can transfer into human beings. The only prevention of this disease is to keep the dogs away from the rabid wildlife and get them vaccinated for the rabies virus.

3. Canine Parvovirus (Parvo)

Symptoms: lethargy, nausea, diarrhea, dehydration, fever, and weight loss

Parvo is also a fatal disease when it escalates in the main organs of the dog. Parvo is highly contagious and escalates when a dog comes in contact with the fecal of an infected dog. It can easily spread, but it is hard to kill. The prevention of this disease is, first of all, the vaccination for it.

Once a dog develops it, it can be treated by providing lots of liquids and electrolytes plus secondary infection prevention medication.

4. Lyme Disease

Symptoms: fever, loss of appetite, pain, limping

This disease is caused and spread by the bacteria, which comes from the ticks bites (blood-sucking insects). It mostly escalates when a dog spends a lot of time out-door. Once this is in the bloodstream of the dog, it affects the joints and causes severe pain for the dog.

If it stays untreated, it can be life-taking. The prevention of this disease is again vaccination on time, and once it hits the dog, it can be treated with antibiotics. Another way to prevent it is to take the dog to the vet once the dog gets the outdoor exposure.

5. Kennel Cough

Symptoms: lethargy, heavy coughing, gagging

This disease affects the lungs of dogs, which affects the respiratory tract and inflates the airways. It is very contagious and can spread through close contact. If a dog shares the blankets, dog bowls or comes in contact with the coughing of an infected dog, it can easily spread.

This disease can spread in all kinds of dogs but mostly is found in dogs that have low immunity. The preventive measures to cure this disease is to use antibiotics prescribed by the vet. It can also be cured with a lot of rest and using cough suppressants. It also has a vaccination which a dog should undergo to prevent it.

The Final Word

In developed societies, dog care and feeding dogs have become a multibillion-dollar business. The dogs are treated as highly important human buddies as they are protected and admired by their owners. So, one should take the preventive measures beforehand and should get the animals vaccinated.

If the animal develops any symptoms, you should keep a close watch and should at once take action on getting the animal to the vet. It is the only way you can prevent diseases from spreading.