How to Decorate Your Home to Inspire Healthy Habits


Bad habits die hard. Never say never. Or so they say. However, there is a way to kick those bad habits, like eating junk food, indulging yourself with unhealthy routines such as laying on the bed all day, watching TV or sitting in front of the computer screen for God knows how many hours.

Healthy habits come with the will for positive change. Not only does it include motivation within yourself but also from your surroundings. Therefore, the easiest way to start is by adjusting your living area to your goal – to create healthy habits and stick to them. To make it even more fun, you may establish a challenge for yourself.

Out of sight – out of mind

Out of sight – out of mind

Presumably, you spend a lot of your time in the kitchen, you can start from there as it gives a lot of opportunities to play around.

First, put unhealthy food out of sight. Studies show that making unhealthy foodstuff less accessible is a useful way to downsize intake. Putting healthy foods where they are visible at all times makes them convenient to snatch. For this, you may use storage bins, fruit bowls or baskets or other decorative containers.

Surround the area with gadgets that provoke healthy nutritive habits such as a blender, juicer and a steaming bowl.

The fridge should be next on the agenda. Pack it with protein-rich food. Doing so you will more likely eat smart, and, consequently, you prevent yourself from going after that leftover takeaway meal. While we on the fridge subject, good option to motivate yourself is to stick motivational notes on it. They will help you find the strength to continue towards your goal.

Go minimalistic

Your living area, by all means, plays a significant part in creating healthy habits. Here you should implement philosophy “Less is more” and, accordingly, go minimalistic.

Store items that have no functional value

By overwhelming yourself with excessive optical or touchable stimulants, clutter acts as a powerful smoke screen that makes you feel distressed.

In that sense, you need to declutter your home from the objects that have no real value. However, if you are emotionally attached and don’t have the heart to sell the stuff that has no actual functional worth, you can always use safe self-storage units and store them at any time and fetch them when you start to miss them too much.

A room for your thoughts

A room for your thoughts

Once you eliminate unnecessary things from your home, let more sunlight in and paint walls with neutral, pastel shades, it might be good, if at all possible, to transform one room into a space in which you could exercise or meditate or just spend time with yourself.

Here you can retreat to spend quality time in stillness, fill it with aromatherapy oils, mood lighting, comfortable chairs, yoga mat. Or, if you are more of physical activities type, you can turn it into a gym occupying it with some training devices, such as Pilates balls, treadmill (just don’t overdo it). The sky is the limit as long as you stick to the plan of cultivating healthy habits.

In case you don’t have an extra room, you can clear out a corner of the house and adapt it to your needs.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary

Your bedroom is your sanctuary

Lack of sleep or sleep disorder has a negative effect on our health. The clutter and electronic devices can greatly contribute that. Therefore, you need to clear all of the clutter to bring peace and calm to your sleeping area.

Remove all electronics from the room so that electromagnetic fields and dirty electricity don’t disturb your sleep. It is well-known fact that for the body to restore its balance and regenerate as well as to recover energy the good night sleep is essential – respect that by arranging your bedroom to be the healthiest room in your home.

It is also advisable to air the bedroom before going to bed as clean air improves the quality of sleep. Moreover, you can use an affordable trick to keep the air clean without keeping the windows open all night – place some plants that don’t steal oxygen. Plants will not only purify the air but will also give some green color, which helps to balance emotions.

In conclusion

You don’t need to do all the changes at once. Do one thing at a time: even a single adjustment in décor can help initiate the energy flow in the right direction and bring a positive change towards creating healthy habits.