Cute Things A Baby Does In The Womb


Being a mommy is the most exciting experience in life. Pregnancy is a challenging, exciting, and adventurous journey which opens a new chapter in your life. Nothing can be more intimate and cuter than a bond of a baby with a mother.

The baby is kicking and swimming around and he or she moves a lot in a womb. However, this is not everything the baby does. Experts say that the baby can yawn, dream, suck a thumb and do other astonishing things that will leave you surprised.

So, if you find it exciting to discover how your baby is developing, here are some surprising facts that will keep you smiling.

What Does Baby Do Inside The Womb

Being inside your belly, the baby is growing, changing, learning, and developing. He or she doesn’t just get ready to be born. There are so many exciting things your baby can surprise you with.

Here are ten cute things a baby does in your uterus.

  • Smiling

Using 4D scans, sonographers have discovered that babies smile in the womb from around week 26.

Your baby is inside you and he or she is able to feel the level of comfort in the womb and respond to it.

  • Opening eyes

Until week 28, the baby’s eyes are closed. Around week 26, your baby may try to start opening the eyes. Around week 28, your baby can react to light and try to turn away from it. It is so cute and nice when your belly is exposed to light and the baby will try to move away from light. This light won’t cause any harm and the baby won’t see much but he or she will react to it.

  • Hiccuping

Usually, hiccups start in the first trimester but some women can’t feel it until the end of the last trimester. Some women state that baby’s hiccuping is a daily occurrence.

Hiccuping is felt as the fetal movement that seems too rhythmic and regular to be a kick.

  • Startling

It’s not a secret that your baby reacts to your emotions, feelings, and the position of the body and inner processes. Your baby may startle from many things you do. For instance, if you sneeze, this is a sudden and abrupt sound that can scare your baby. Sometimes, you can even feel it. The same reaction is observed if you turn on the loud television, listen to the loud music, etc. This reaction is observed closer to the end of pregnancy.

The CDC says moms should avoid very loud noises because consistent loud noise can affect baby’s hearing in the womb negatively.

  • Baby Sucking Thumb In Womb

This is a typical baby’s habit, which makes them feel secure. If the baby sucks his or her thumb in the womb, then this habit will stay strong. However, pediatricians claim that this habit isn’t a problem in the child’s earliest years and it should be considered a problem if the child sucks thumbs aggressively. Also, there is evidence that the hand the baby prefers in the womb can indicate his or her right or left-handedness.

  • Smelling

Smelling is an incredible act of the baby. In fact, a baby’s sense of smell starts developing in the womb. Alan Greene, M.D., clinical professor of pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine and author of Raising Baby Green says that “By the end of the first trimester baby can smell foods that Mom is eating.” It’s the predominant sense, very early on, because smells cross the amniotic fluid.”

The baby cannot only smell the food you eat but also smell cigarette smoke. The baby reacts to it – he or she cringes when he or she smells cigarette smoke.

  • Yawning

It’s so adorable when a baby yawns. But have you ever imagined how great it is when the baby yawns in the womb? When the person gets tired, he yawns and the baby does the same! The central nervous system of the baby develops and the behavior resembles the behavior of the baby once he or she is born. Also, some doctors believe that yawning promotes brain activity and brain development. So, in this case, yawning isn’t only an adorable but useful activity.

  • Dreaming

This is a debatable question which can’t be studied closely due to the complexity of the phenomenon. But some scientists claim that the first dreams the baby has in the womb. Rapid movements in the baby’s eyes may indicate that he or she may have her or his first dreams. Usually, these dreams are about the baby already knows – sensations he or she feels in the womb.

That’s super cute. Just imagine – a little human is inside you and he or she is having dreams, whereas you also dream to meet your child in actual life.

  • Peeing inside the womb

Yes, it may be surprising to you but peeing inside and outside the womb is the same! Just imagine how cute it is that your child is peeing inside the uterus.

It is known that by the end of the first trimester, the baby will start producing urine. This amniotic fluid is digested and filtered by your kidneys, and then this fluid is urinated back into the uterus, and the process is repeated.

  • Listening to the mother

A baby and a mother have a close connection and during last ten weeks of pregnancy, the baby starts listening to the mother. Of course, your child can’t understand what you are saying but it’s been studied that the child pays close attention to what you are saying. Thus, it’s important to talk with your baby so that he or she gets used to your voice and your connection is enhanced. Besides, there is a statement that in ultrasound scans, when the baby hears her or his mother’s voice, the heart rate slows down and the baby relaxes. It means that he or she is safe.


It’s amazing how many things babies do in the womb and how cute they are. As a future mother, your only obligation is to enjoy this marvelous period and wait for the appearance of your treasure – your child.
Written by Helen Rogers