What Determines the Cost of Child Care in Sydney?

Childcare is an essential part of life for every child. Being parents, you try your best to ensure your child gets the best assistance at the most reasonable costs. If you look at the long daycare costing,  it may vary from $70-$188 per day in Sydney.

If you want to determine the cost of child care in your neighborhood or surrounding areas, the best way is to contact a center for child care in Sydney. But remember, it is not sure that the higher prices can assure better quality.

The Staff to Child Proportion

It might surprise you that states require a specific caregiver to child ratio. For example, in NSW, LDC and FDC services have compulsory minimum educator-to-child proportions. They are:

  • LDC services, the proportions are 1:4 for kids aged 0–24 months and 1:5 for kids in the age group of 24–36 months; and finally, 1:10 for kids in the age group of 36 months to preschool age.
  • For FDC services, a teacher cannot care for more than 7 kids at any one time. Also, remember that no more than 4 of such kids can be of preschool age or below.
  • A licensed and registered childcare facility should firmly follow a caregiver to child ratio that begins 4:1 for children of 6 weeks to 18 months, and 5:1 for children of 18 months to 36 months.

You must understand that these ratios are essential for the child’s safety. Since the number of kids in child care goes up, the essential staff required to watch them should follow the suite. Hence, the ratio of an educator to a child does matter in terms of expense.

Child Care in Sydney

The Facilities in the Child Care Centre

When searching for a childcare facility, ask if they have the latest toys and active learning games for their overall development. Do you prioritize numerous cribs and a complete bookshelf?

Factors like these, along with food, snacks, clean and well-organized facilities, etc. impact the cost of the childcare you are picking. Once you choose a child care facility that provides more for your child, you must expect to witness these offerings getting replicated in the pricing or tuition. According to the Sydney City Council, check the facilities they offer before trusting a child care center.

You might also find extra expenses that may include:

  • Supply fees that could be measured monthly, three-monthly, or bi-annually
  • Diaper assessments
  • Staff development or training charges

You know there are even some centers that offer internet viewing for parents and family. With this, parents might sign in to a protected website and witness the activities of their child.

Parking and Travelling

When determining the costs of child care in Sydney, don’t forget to factor in the traveling and parking expenses. For example, Sydney Metro areas will cost you the ticket expenses and additional transit to the child care center.

Similarly, parking costs can be relatively high in some areas like the CBD district, Martin Place, or Hurstville. Add these costs and extra time when finding the best facility for your child.

Whatever be the costing, child care services in Australia are booming. You can find more and more families looking for the best child care facilities for their kids without bothering much about the expense.

If you avail of good child care in Sydney for your child, you need to spend some amount, but it will be for your child’s utmost development.